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With nearly 20k followers on Twitter, and over 3000 subs on various blogs and music sites, it is impossible for me to welcome each person individually. Of course, I wish I could. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories! Until I find a way of cloning myself a few hundred times, this will have to do. 🙂

A brief summary about myself. I have been writing since I was 12. I love the horror genre and that is what I read and write mostly.I also write fantasy and mystery.You can learn more about my writing just by surfing this site, if you so desire. I have been singing and playing guitar since I was 15. All of my music is FREE. (who actually sells music these days?) The music I create embodies Rock, Blues, Chill, EDM, and Downtempo. Give it a listen if you like.

I have only recently started doing photography, but I studied the craft very carefully before beginning, and spent the money required, to do it justice. I am unhealthy and trying to build a legacy, before I die from all of the health problems I have. Everything I create is with that in mind.

I currently live in a new RV in Texas, with my wife and a majikal cat named appropriately, Jinxy. If you want to learn more about me, or just seek something to discover, here is a complete list of all my websites-

http://jb-thomas.pixels.com-My main photos site. You can buy prints, cards, iPhone cases, tote bags, towels, shower curtains, and much more with my best photos on them.

https://www.facebook.com/jbthomasphotography– This is only place I will be discussing photos and art. Come join us!

http://licensing.pixels.com/profiles/jb-thomas.html– If you would like to license my photos for books, online ads, TV, or many other things, go here.

axewielderx.wordpress.com -Main blog with jokes, funny pics and music.

authorjbthomas.wordpress.com– This is where ALL of my writings are. Poetry, prose, short stories, Novel chapters, and more.

amazon.com/author/jbthomas– My amazon author page where you can buy both e-book and paperback versions of my books. There are more book links, in the My Books” section of this site.

http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5251326.J_B_Thomas-My Goodreads profile.

http://www.reverbnation.com/lucidchaos– My reverbnation website. All music here is in mp3 format only.

http://lucidchaos.bandcamp.com– Any format, lossless or mp3, is here. For those who like the best sound!:)

http://soundcloud.com/lucid-chaos– I only put sneak peeks of music WIPs here. I don’t care for soundcloud’s limitations.

http://www.youtube.com/user/Axewielderx– Various videos ranging from music videos to gaming casts.

http://www.facebook.com/authorjbthomas– My FB author page. This is strickly for the fans. I hate FB and self iced my personal account there.

http://axewielderx.tumblr.com/-Tumblr– It catches most of my posts from nearly every blog.

https://twitter.com/JB_Thomas– My twitter account where I do most of my daily posting.

I want to thank each and every person who has followed, subbed, or become a fan. I hope you enjoy the ride you just climbed aboard, and tell your friends, before the train has left the station for good. Take care and feel free to contact me anytime. I will answer as time allows. 😎  If you would like to connect on any of these sites, just send me your info via the contact page.



Poll: What would you do?

Obviously, from previous posts it can be easily gathered, that I am a man with a mind of his own. However, it never hurts, to at least hear other opinions. With that in mind, I am going to give you a few different situations and ask you what you would do, in those same situations. I only ask that you answer with what you would ACTUALLY do. The poll is completely anonymous, so there is no reason to lie. So let’s get on with this, shall we?

Lets say your father sent you a friend request on Facebook. You are on general speaking terms at the moment, but there is tension, which is par usual for fathers and sons. What would you do with that friend request?

Please read and answer the poll before reading further!!!

Now that you have answered the question, I can tell you how my son chose to handle the friend request I sent to him. He chose the third answer. Yep, he chose to report my friend request and then lied to the Facebook authorities by telling them I was not related to him. Thus he publically disowned me. I believe the fact he had to lie speaks volumes about what kind of action this was.

Let’s move on to the next phase of this poll. This next section deals with my reaction to this betrayal by my own son.

If your son had done this to you, what would you do? Obviously, this second question is a bit harder, given the nature of the son’s actions. But just try to put yourself in the parent’s shoes for one second.

Please read and vote in the poll before reading further!!!

Now that you have answered the poll question I can give you what I chose to do. I am not an I for an I kind of person. I believe that is small thinking. However, I did ask for an apology. I have raised both my boys to accept responsibility for their actions and to apologize when they are wrong. Apparently, they did not listen to any of that though. Instead of the apology, I received a email berating me and essentially a refusal to apologize. He still has not grown up enough to this day to do so and this was years ago.

This of course, leads to one last question. This involves my son’s inability to apologize for his very obvious bad behavior in this situation. When your son disowns you and fails to apologize for such behavior, what would you do?

Please read and answer poll before reading further!!!

Now that you have answered the poll I can give you what I chose to do. Seeing as I had always told my sons that I never reward bad behavior, I was left with not much choice in this matter. My son lied, he disowned me, and he refused to apologize for his actions. I was forced into telling him that he was not welcome in my house and was not welcome to call, until he acted like an adult and apologized.

Instead of deciding to do the right thing at this point, he chose instead to send his mother an email stating that “She was not allowed to see the grandchildren or them unless she divorced me.” What kind of kid lies to Facebook, disowning their father, refuses to apologize for their actions, and then tries to get their mother to divorce their father, when they are admonished for their bad actions? Apparently, that is exactly what my piece of shit son does!

Recently, I discovered this son’s home address. You see because of my son’s actions we were never told their location. I told my wife what I had found and she told me to just ignore it. When your wife says that about your son it is very saddening. It says to me that she has given up on this boy. It says she abandoned hope on the matter. I can’t blame her either. The last emails we exchanged with that boy there was no apology to be found. Instead a bunch of lies and false accusations was all to be had. There was no remorse, no caring, nothing. The boy acted as if we had not raised him.

Let me make this very clear. I was a stay at home father. He always had a parent around and never had a lack of love, caring, attention, or knowledge while growing up.

Now I wonder if I should finally close the door on this whole matter. We left things unresolved but with my wife’s answer to the address, I must wonder if the time has come to cut ties permanently and move on. Perhaps your answers to the previous questions will help me decide this final question.

Please take the time to vote and share this with anyone who you think is wise and intelligent enough to vote on this. Take care and have a great day!


If I Am The Monster


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If I am the monster, I am the monster the world created. This is no deed in which to take pride, for no one was born to this lowly creation. I was molded by the hands of the world. When something that is beautiful and innocent can be turned into a monstrous visage, we must look inward to see our failures. We must understand! 

We must know that we take the divine and turn it into insidious venom. We spread our poison throughout all and all shall be damned…for our inability to see beyond our vanity. Heed my words! If this race of humanity continues upon this path, there is only one ending. It is an ending of pain, it is an ending of misery, it is an ending beyond all nightmares, that have ever been dreamt.

If I am the monster, then why have I offered a vision of our future? Surely no monster would attempt to save anything! Certainly not a cesspool of vain liars! Even a monster knows better. But I say this to you, that in my lack of vanity, I see things for how they really are. I see the stark cold reality of our insignificant existence. I see through the fog of deception that so many hide within. I see abuse we inflict upon everything within eyesight. I see the deliberate corruption of all future beings. I see all this and am unafraid to say what I see. Can you say the same?

If I am the monster…then what are you?



Two Words


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There are two words that are the least uttered. There are two words that are the most desired to be heard. There are two words that everyone should say more. There are two words that are the hardest to say. Yet, most people attempt to convince themselves, that it won’t matter if they speak these words. They do this so they won’t have to say these words. Lies spilled inside to hide the truth outside.

I have always prided myself in taking the high road if allowed. I have always said I admit my mistakes. I have always been a righteous man and I have always lived a code of honor. Thus, I will speak these two words to the world.

I’m sorry!

If you are reading this, then I truly am sorry. For most certainly I have wronged you in some way. It seems I am incapable of doing anything right. That is what the world has been telling me, all my life. “I am useless, and never will amount to anything.” These words came from my mother, so they must be true.

So, I am sorry if I offended you. I am sorry if I did you harm. I am sorry if I did not understand you. I am sorry if I let you down. I am sorry for any and everything I ever did. I am sorry that you wasted even a second of your life in my presence.

I won’t make any excuses or clauses to these two words. For that would only diminish their meaning.

Nor do I ask that you return those two words. That also would dimish them.

Will the two words I spoke here matter to anyone? Will they have meaning? Are they like lost memories…faded and without definition?

I cannot begin to answer those questions. I can only find solitude in the fact that, at least someone was not afraid to say those two words.



It’s our expectations…


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After my last rant(post) I thought it might not hurt, to share some deeper thoughts on the entire matter of people and what they do in real life and social media. I believe my last post clearly demonstrated, even though it was a bit of a rant, that people do the same thing in both RL and on social websites. What I did not bother with, is the why. Why they do these things, why we react the way we do, whether publically or in private, and why any of it even matters to the average person.

So let’s start with that first why. Why do people do the things they do?

The easy answer is people are people. However, I am not known as someone who gives the easy answer. People are people. What does that mean? It means people are flawed. There are far too many ways to explain them all. People make mistakes. People hide truths that are unflattering. People want to survive. People become numb. People don’t really know how to listen. There are really more things wrong with the average person, than are right.

How we became so fucked up as a species, I will leave this answer to those “experts” out there. However, I don’t believe there is an easy answer to this question. Environmental issues, genes, social ideology, etc. can all come into play. The how we got here, is not really as important, at least for the sake of this article. We are answering those why questions right now.

Why do we react the way we do?

I believe this is because of two main factors. One is we just don’t know how to react in any other way. I know better and how I should react, however, I am also the kind of person that would rather put it “out there” than just “ keep it bottled up inside”. While I know most people won’t read the post, I also know that not everything I write, is actually for the readers. Sometimes I just write to get the words out of my head.

The second reason we react the way we do is because of bad expectations. We all have them and literaly everyone is to blame. We are told to be positive. We are shown on TV and in the movies, that everything ends happily ever after. We read this crap in our books, magazines, newspapers. It is everywhere.

Why are we not taught reality? Understanding that all people are completely flawed, would go so much further in creating realistic expectations. Yet, we are told over and over again, fables. Falsehoods of what people and life is really like. True friends never abandon you. Love is stronger than anything. Love lasts forever. Trust in the better angels of human nature. It just goes on and on and on. It is people lying about people. Lies designed and honed over centuries, to keep the monsters in the closet. All the while we shield ourselves, and are blind to any real threats, such as ourselves, our neighbors, our friends, and finally our family.

Our expectations, that have been pounded into our minds since childhood, do nothing, but endanger us and lead us blindly toward the real threats of our lives. Those erroneous expectations will never benefit us.

So why does this matter to the average person? This answer is simple and yet, complicated too. When we walk around with these unrealistic expectations of others, and those expectations are not realized, we sink far lower than we would have, had we had realistic expectations. Is it not better to see the wall before we run into it? Of course it is. Therefore, throw away any expectations! Realize this now…you cannot control the without, you can only control the within. You should never expect anything, from anything, you don’t control. It is just basic common sense.

While it is my practice of airing out my disappointment in things, I wanted you to be aware, that I know I am ultimately responsible for my happiness. I chose to declare my feelings on the matter, not in any attempt to change things. I was merely letting others know, of why I decided to avoid social media.

I have no expectations. I only have lost dreams and hopes, as everyone else. Perhaps one day, a hope we all share, will come to fruition and we can again have expectations and those expectations will be correct. I hope this helps others out there and have an amazing day!




Social websites are just a mirror of the real world

I am betting there are some out there who would disagree with this. My oh my, what a sheltered life you have led. If you have led a life of exploration, then you will not have any problems with this idea.

When I grew up I learned a lot about people and how they really are. You see, young ones, in my youth there were no video games. If you wanted to play, you went outside to do so. In doing this alone, I learned more in a few years about people, than most of these youngsters learn in their whole lives.

Here is just a few of those things I learned.

1. People fucking lie! Not just little white ones or when they are in trouble. They lie all the time.

2. People will do ANYTHING to be more popular. Yes, I mean anything. They will bully, lie, sell, borrow, steal, and even kill to become more popular.

3. People have no real loyalty. Sure, they might be loyal when the going is easy. But if the shit hits the fan, you are the last person they are going to think about.

4. People are like children. They almost always do the exact opposite of what they are told, even if it will not be to their benefit.

5. People cannot be trusted. They will fuck you over, any time they think they can get away with it.

I realize these are hard things to read and most of you are probably thinking that I have lost my mind. Why would anyone ever post anything like this? What is there to gain from this?

To understand why I post this and really mean it, you would have to understand my life. Since nobody is going to read that long, let me do a very concise explanation.

I have personally seen all of the above behavior from relatives, close family, friends, associates, and even my own spouse and children. When you no longer can trust anyone, what is there to lose in posting this? Nothing!

So how are social media/websites reflecting this behavior? How many times have we seen or read false news? How any people are making money off of people’s need for popularity? How many people have followed and then unfollowed you, as soon as you follow them back? How many times have you asked followers/friends/whatever to retweet, share, or to pass along your post, only to have people unfollow/unfriend you? How many times have you been nice enough to follow/friend a stranger, only to have that person mess with you in some way?

All these actions are just reflections of what they do in real life. The only difference is that on social media websites, they can easily get away with this behavior, because there are no CONSEQUENCES! They gain followers/friends. They gain popularity. They gain position over anyone who has morals.

I was willing to give my time. I was willing to share. I was willing to be there. I was just supporting these bad people. That ends now. Just as surely as the sun sets every day!

In the past I have walked away and came back. I did not want to give up. I am not a quitter. But I will be damned if I am going to sell my soul for this. I am not going to spend my remaining days, helping bad people get their way.

Life is just too valuable to throw it away on people who just use and manipulate others.

The ugly truth is, most people don’t deserve this beautiful planet we live on and as long as greed and selfishness prevail, they won’t get to enjoy this planet for much longer. I think it serves them right. I think the punishment should fit the crimes they commit…daily.

For those that actually read this far and think they are not like this. Take a good look in the fucking mirror. I won’t claim I am perfect. I know better. But, at least I am not sitting here, lying to myself.

When the people of this world change, that is when you will see me actually post to social media on a regular basis again. Me thinks, that hell will have frozen over, politicians will be honest, and my cock will have doubled in size, before that happens.