ARC Program Terms

These rules and guidelines are what is generally expected from readers when they are given an ARC(Advanced Reader Copy) of a book for free.

ARCs are given out with one main purpose in mind, to make more people aware of the book. In return for getting a free copy of the book, readers are expected to do one main thing in return for receiving it, review it on Amazon. Those that don’t follow through with their end are dropped from the ARC program.

If you wish to become part of my ARC program, either reply through the contact page here or a DM at Twitter. In the reply, you must state you agree to the program terms, you must include a valid email address(for mailing you the copy), and you must state what digital format you desire to receive the book in(.epub or .mobi). You may also include any other information which you believe might make you a good candidate for being a ARC reader. Book reviewers and bloggers will be given the highest priority.

J.B. Thomas


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