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Sadly, it is not the only law we have created in this country that is (unconstitutional). In fact there are many, and if we are to ever stop the destruction of the constitution, we need to start with this law.

I have sat idly by the past few years and been a personal witness to the destruction this bill has inflicted upon families that were left out. I can stay silent no longer.

Lets review exactly what is unconstitutional about this law. I believe the answer can be found in the very foundations of the constitution. The constitution clearly states that “all men are created equal”. Thus any law which states otherwise by giving favoritism to ANY man(or woman) is in complete contradiction to this premise. I know this seems like an over-simplication of the matter. But does basic common sense have no meaning?

Obamacare does not stand with this basic premise. It excludes people from the protection it claims all are entitled to. How the heck can you leave 25 million people out of the same healthcare program, that you give the rest of the nation and call this equal rights? How can you make everyone in the country pay for the healthcare of 20 million people? This nation sits at a population of approx. 400 million people. Yet, only 20 million people actually get “benefits” from this program. The rest of “the people” (380 million) pay for it. How in all this, are the American people being treated “equally”?

We founded a nation on the ideal that all men are created equally and thus should  have equal rights. However, we are not being treated equally. In fact, we are so far down the unequal road, we have lost sight of what being treated equally means.

There should be no laws which treat any man(or woman) with favoritism. Any law that does so, is unfairly punishing people. This is not the foundation our country was built upon. But, each and every day, I see this happening more and more. Tell me please, when does this end? How many people must sacrifice their rights, for the ideals of “special interests”? If all men are created equal, then ALL men(and women) are to be considered with EVERY law!

If I could leave this nation of inequality, I would…quicker than I could blink my eye. What does that say about this country? It should speak magnitudes to the common people of this once, great country. Alas, leaving is not an option. I cannot afford healthcare, I am a secondary citizen. I certainly can not afford to leave.

I also cannot afford to support a body of rulers that discriminates against portions of their populations! If any lawyer wishes to sue this government of inequality, I am all in! If any man or woman wants to march on Washington, I am there! If any person wants to fight this systematic reduction of our basic right, to be treated fairly and equally, just give me a shout!

Long live the true America! The land of equality! The land of equal pursuit of happiness! The land of equal freedom!