Obviously, from previous posts it can be easily gathered, that I am a man with a mind of his own. However, it never hurts, to at least hear other opinions. With that in mind, I am going to give you a few different situations and ask you what you would do, in those same situations. I only ask that you answer with what you would ACTUALLY do. The poll is completely anonymous, so there is no reason to lie. So let’s get on with this, shall we?

Lets say your father sent you a friend request on Facebook. You are on general speaking terms at the moment, but there is tension, which is par usual for fathers and sons. What would you do with that friend request?

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Now that you have answered the question, I can tell you how my son chose to handle the friend request I sent to him. He chose the third answer. Yep, he chose to report my friend request and then lied to the Facebook authorities by telling them I was not related to him. Thus he publically disowned me. I believe the fact he had to lie speaks volumes about what kind of action this was.

Let’s move on to the next phase of this poll. This next section deals with my reaction to this betrayal by my own son.

If your son had done this to you, what would you do? Obviously, this second question is a bit harder, given the nature of the son’s actions. But just try to put yourself in the parent’s shoes for one second.

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Now that you have answered the poll question I can give you what I chose to do. I am not an I for an I kind of person. I believe that is small thinking. However, I did ask for an apology. I have raised both my boys to accept responsibility for their actions and to apologize when they are wrong. Apparently, they did not listen to any of that though. Instead of the apology, I received a email berating me and essentially a refusal to apologize. He still has not grown up enough to this day to do so and this was years ago.

This of course, leads to one last question. This involves my son’s inability to apologize for his very obvious bad behavior in this situation. When your son disowns you and fails to apologize for such behavior, what would you do?

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Now that you have answered the poll I can give you what I chose to do. Seeing as I had always told my sons that I never reward bad behavior, I was left with not much choice in this matter. My son lied, he disowned me, and he refused to apologize for his actions. I was forced into telling him that he was not welcome in my house and was not welcome to call, until he acted like an adult and apologized.

Instead of deciding to do the right thing at this point, he chose instead to send his mother an email stating that “She was not allowed to see the grandchildren or them unless she divorced me.” What kind of kid lies to Facebook, disowning their father, refuses to apologize for their actions, and then tries to get their mother to divorce their father, when they are admonished for their bad actions? Apparently, that is exactly what my piece of shit son does!

Recently, I discovered this son’s home address. You see because of my son’s actions we were never told their location. I told my wife what I had found and she told me to just ignore it. When your wife says that about your son it is very saddening. It says to me that she has given up on this boy. It says she abandoned hope on the matter. I can’t blame her either. The last emails we exchanged with that boy there was no apology to be found. Instead a bunch of lies and false accusations was all to be had. There was no remorse, no caring, nothing. The boy acted as if we had not raised him.

Let me make this very clear. I was a stay at home father. He always had a parent around and never had a lack of love, caring, attention, or knowledge while growing up.

Now I wonder if I should finally close the door on this whole matter. We left things unresolved but with my wife’s answer to the address, I must wonder if the time has come to cut ties permanently and move on. Perhaps your answers to the previous questions will help me decide this final question.

Please take the time to vote and share this with anyone who you think is wise and intelligent enough to vote on this. Take care and have a great day!