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If I am the monster, I am the monster the world created. This is no deed in which to take pride, for no one was born to this lowly creation. I was molded by the hands of the world. When something that is beautiful and innocent can be turned into a monstrous visage, we must look inward to see our failures. We must understand! 

We must know that we take the divine and turn it into insidious venom. We spread our poison throughout all and all shall be damned…for our inability to see beyond our vanity. Heed my words! If this race of humanity continues upon this path, there is only one ending. It is an ending of pain, it is an ending of misery, it is an ending beyond all nightmares, that have ever been dreamt.

If I am the monster, then why have I offered a vision of our future? Surely no monster would attempt to save anything! Certainly not a cesspool of vain liars! Even a monster knows better. But I say this to you, that in my lack of vanity, I see things for how they really are. I see the stark cold reality of our insignificant existence. I see through the fog of deception that so many hide within. I see abuse we inflict upon everything within eyesight. I see the deliberate corruption of all future beings. I see all this and am unafraid to say what I see. Can you say the same?

If I am the monster…then what are you?