I am betting there are some out there who would disagree with this. My oh my, what a sheltered life you have led. If you have led a life of exploration, then you will not have any problems with this idea.

When I grew up I learned a lot about people and how they really are. You see, young ones, in my youth there were no video games. If you wanted to play, you went outside to do so. In doing this alone, I learned more in a few years about people, than most of these youngsters learn in their whole lives.

Here is just a few of those things I learned.

1. People fucking lie! Not just little white ones or when they are in trouble. They lie all the time.

2. People will do ANYTHING to be more popular. Yes, I mean anything. They will bully, lie, sell, borrow, steal, and even kill to become more popular.

3. People have no real loyalty. Sure, they might be loyal when the going is easy. But if the shit hits the fan, you are the last person they are going to think about.

4. People are like children. They almost always do the exact opposite of what they are told, even if it will not be to their benefit.

5. People cannot be trusted. They will fuck you over, any time they think they can get away with it.

I realize these are hard things to read and most of you are probably thinking that I have lost my mind. Why would anyone ever post anything like this? What is there to gain from this?

To understand why I post this and really mean it, you would have to understand my life. Since nobody is going to read that long, let me do a very concise explanation.

I have personally seen all of the above behavior from relatives, close family, friends, associates, and even my own spouse and children. When you no longer can trust anyone, what is there to lose in posting this? Nothing!

So how are social media/websites reflecting this behavior? How many times have we seen or read false news? How any people are making money off of people’s need for popularity? How many people have followed and then unfollowed you, as soon as you follow them back? How many times have you asked followers/friends/whatever to retweet, share, or to pass along your post, only to have people unfollow/unfriend you? How many times have you been nice enough to follow/friend a stranger, only to have that person mess with you in some way?

All these actions are just reflections of what they do in real life. The only difference is that on social media websites, they can easily get away with this behavior, because there are no CONSEQUENCES! They gain followers/friends. They gain popularity. They gain position over anyone who has morals.

I was willing to give my time. I was willing to share. I was willing to be there. I was just supporting these bad people. That ends now. Just as surely as the sun sets every day!

In the past I have walked away and came back. I did not want to give up. I am not a quitter. But I will be damned if I am going to sell my soul for this. I am not going to spend my remaining days, helping bad people get their way.

Life is just too valuable to throw it away on people who just use and manipulate others.

The ugly truth is, most people don’t deserve this beautiful planet we live on and as long as greed and selfishness prevail, they won’t get to enjoy this planet for much longer. I think it serves them right. I think the punishment should fit the crimes they commit…daily.

For those that actually read this far and think they are not like this. Take a good look in the fucking mirror. I won’t claim I am perfect. I know better. But, at least I am not sitting here, lying to myself.

When the people of this world change, that is when you will see me actually post to social media on a regular basis again. Me thinks, that hell will have frozen over, politicians will be honest, and my cock will have doubled in size, before that happens.