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This is what is known as a Di Vinci. The triangle light on the left cheek, is similar to how the Mona Lisa is portrayed. These are exceptionally rare to get, especially outdoors, where you work with the light and don’t control it.

Before we get started: Hint-Clicking on each photo in this series, will reveal the full-sized internet version of the photo.

So in my mind, I imagine a bunch of little, bright shiny young(and perhaps older) faces, staring at their computer monitors or iPads or even their little phones, wondering when I was going to get around to this final chapter. Of course, I do realize I just exposed how warped and utterly insane my mind is in saying that, but be-that-as-it-may, what is done is done. Here is that final chapter of knowledge, for which you all crave or not, whatever the case may be.

The most important thing for your creative photography endeavors is unsurprising really. It is a the deep desire to make your voice heard, your vision seen. To send out your own individualized message, with each and every photo that you create.

This photo forces you to look at her face. The slight bit of light on her nose and the blurred frontal leaves are used to accomplish this effect.

You cannot expect others to look toward you and listen, if you are singing the same song as everyone else. You must put your own voice to it and that can only be done by systematically teaching yourself to focus, and learn the teachings of those who have come before. In learning what others have done, we then know what we must do to separate ourselves from them.

Finding your own voice, your own vision, is the hardest part. Learning technique and principles, rules, etc. anyone can do. It takes more than that to reach into that creative realm. It takes a tunneled vision of what is to be…and making it so.

It is always important that you keep an open mind when out and about shooting. As stated in an earlier chapter, anything has the potential to become a photo, you just have to find the way of doing it that makes you happy. This photo was the models idea and it was my experience that made this happen.


Ultimately, in the end, we all create our own reality. What does yours look like? I have shown you mine. Now it is time for you to show the world!!! I hope you have enjoyed reading this small internet series on creative photography and that it helps you, in your goal to improve your photography.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

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This small internet series was just a basic introduction to creative photography. I have future plans to turn this into a full-fledged book and to add details that are not gone into; call it a slightly more advanced series. I also have plans of creating a PDF of this series for Patreon members to download. But exactly how might these be different from what is posted in this internet series, you might ask?

The PDF for Patreon members will have direct links to recommended tutorials, both video and written. It will also have links to valuable resources such as ALL the software and cameras mentioned in this series. I will also add in a section of editing techniques I use for models. Considering all of that, I think it will be well worth the price of admission($1/month) of becoming my Patreon.

This photo is from my first photoshoot with a model. Had I not learned the basics of shooting before going out, there is no way I would have ended up with such an amazing photo.

As for the E-book and hard/soft cover versions. Lots of pictures!!! When I say lots, I mean lots! And I will also be expanding each section to go further, discuss more, REVEAL more. I’ll let you have a look beyond the gate keeper and reveal some of my innermost secrets. Now, I won’t reveal everything. No true artist ever does that! However, the things you will learn, will expand your creative vision and help you to find your own, exclusive and sometimes elusive, inner creative photographer. As always, I will try to keep the price as low as possible, however, books with colored photos are not cheap to make or sell.

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