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Alot of things have been going on behind the scenes and numerous decisions have been made. Decisions are almost always made when new information and insights are gained. Let me share some with you and I will leave you to ponder their meanings.

1. The only mathematics I understand…

2. The weaker sex is..
The one that believes they are equal.

3. There is only one truth…
Look inside and you will find it.

4. Who created the Big Bang?
We did.

5. Tomorrow will be the same as today…
Unless you change NOW.

6. If you want a lie, speak to a friend.
If you want a half-truth, speak to a relative.
If you want the truth, speak to yourself.

7. If you desire wisdom, you only need do one thing…

8. A pool gains no momentum.

9. There is no right path,
There is only YOUR path.

10. If you want to understand, read.
If you want to know, live.
If you want to see, think.

11. Many things are worthy of your LOVE!
Nothing is worthy of your HATE.

Copyright 2018 J. Bradley Thomas