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I posted this to Twitter today and some may be wondering is this just a random Tweet or is there something more to this little innocuous post?

So let’s just clear the air on that question…it is the opening to my new book. Yes, I have begun writing again. What does this mean? What is the book about? Well, those are good questions and perfectly valid questions but I am unwilling to state an answer for either of those questions at this point. What I will say is this…

This book is a book that most of you will regret not buying the second it comes out and will be angry that I did not write it sooner. This book can and will change your life, if you let it and lastly, this book will never be cheap.

Do I sound like I am quite confident in this book’s value to people? I sure hope so because that is the truth of the matter. The truth is not evil or good…it is just the truth.

Until next I type…