I have spent most of the last 17 yrs. online. I have spoken too and litterly met 1000s of people. I never once in a all that time, dreamed this world was filled with people who possessed stone hearts. I guess as they hide behind their glass screens they are able to deceive with perfection.

Funny thing is, with all those people I met and spoke to individually, not one thought it was worth $5.00 to keep me around. Yep, that is all any one would have had to donate to fulfill the goal I set for the gofundme campaign. Actually, it is not really funny. I suppose it just heart breaking to find out that EVERYONE was this cold toward another human being.

I am usually moved towards large speeches in times like this but find myself unwilling to project those words to you. Instead, I will keep it simple.

I will be suspending ALL internet activity until further notice. I have to process if getting online and spending time with people, who clearly do not want to be my friends, is in my best interest. It is taking me back down into a darkness that I had thought I’d left behind.

Until forever ends…