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The above image was shot with modern equipment and made to look this way. The how and why will be explained in this course. Now on with the intro, shall we?

I watch as the art of creative photography lies bleeding on the floor. It’s guts stripped from it’s insides, by sites that promote popularity, rather than the photos themselves. I see images badly taken, horribly composed, and incompetently edited, reach new heights, while photos that are beautiful, well composed, and nicely edited wither on the vine. It truly is a sad time for being a creative photographer. Your work and effort does not matter. Stock websites want plain vanilla pictures and individuals only care how popular an image is.

Why do I tell you these things? I must, for you should know what road you will travel down, and you will see that your work will mean nothing most of the time. Just like the days of great musicians has fallen to the wayside, so is the tale of the creative photographer. I would love to show some other people’s work that has been glorified and is absolutely terrible, but nobody is going to allow me to use their photos in that way. But trust me, once you begin down this road, you will find this out for yourself.

It is a hard road to travel, but I believe things are always changing and some things, like others, will always stand the test of time. Those who spent all their time working on gaining followers, instead of working the photos, will fall by the wayside. It is simply a matter of time. Though this road is a tough one, I believe in the end it is better to have the knowledge that you did your best. Having this knowledge is a reward, in and of itself. For it will give you the peace of mind when you are alone and allow you to face death with no regrets.

During this course, I will show and explain all the tools I use to create photos. However, I will go even further. I will explain the mindset I use when shooting. I will explain the why of it all. Rarely is this much ever asked for or revealed. But I believe it is so fundamentally important to this kind of work, that it must be explained.

I will present pictures and explain how they were created. I will explain how and what software was used. I will teach the techniques and reasons involved in my post-processing. While composition and mindset are so valuable in taking good photos, post-processing is the key to bringing out the intention you had, when you took the shot.

If you have not subscribed to this blog, now is the time. You don’t want to miss an chapter of this creative photography course. It will help even those, who only use their cell phones to take better pictures. True creativity starts in the mind, not with the equipment.