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As per my previous post here, soon the photographs I have to post shall wane. As they do finally dwindle, I will begin only posting the photos directly to my photos site at Fine Art America. Those will be reposted directly to Twitter, but I will not be directly posting them anywhere else. Followers can still comment and share them, I just won’t be there any longer to RT or comment. When you realize that you are doing more Retweeting than ALL of your 15k+ followers combined, you understand it is time to move on.

So what am I moving on to? That actually is a good question. Being retired means I won’t have to do anything. However, I have never been one to sit around doing nothing. I will still be taking photos and I will have more time for other things, such as writing. Writing has always been a part of my life. That is why I am considering a basic principals guide to creative photography. It seems, only appropriate after I have shown over 200 photos, that I explain how I created some of them.

If you like photography and would like to learn how to be a bit more creative with this art form, this would be the series to read. While my photography experience is not as vast as some of the other professionals out there, my graphics experience is exceeded by none. I have been creating graphics for websites and other projects, since the first consumer level computers came to the marketplace.

I offer an unique perspective on it, and will reveal some of my many secrets, for making photos creative and interesting. The first article alone will improve your photography skills. The series will be completely FREE! There is no reason to miss this, and all you have to do to insure you don’t miss an episode, is subscribe to this blog.

I hope many of you join me on this next exciting venture! Take care and enjoy your weekend!:)