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As tales go, this is not exceptional large, but it is good and has a great moral. Thus, I believe it is worth the telling.

We wanted to get some beach and sunset pictures during our vacation, so naturally we went to Galveston Island. Upon arrival, we quickly figured out that we were not going to be able to get a sunset picture from any of the beach side of Galveston Island. It faces south and the sun has yet to set in that direction. Thus, throughout the day, we looked for an alternative. The other side of the island faced the right direction along certain parts of it, but everything we looked at was private land.

Finally, near Freeport, we found a small piece of land not private, and I got set up to photograph the sunset. As time grew on, I got bored and decided to see if I could get me some pics of seagulls in the area. I must confess I had to resort to bribery to get the pics, but it was interesting how it played out.

I decided to throw onto the ground some cheese crackers I had left over. I turned to hand the bag of remaining crackers back to my wife, and she says to me, “Honey, you are going to have to throw some into the air.” To which I replied “I don’t think so! Watch and see.” Just as I turned away from her, the first seagull swooped down and landed next to the crackers. What he(she?) did next was surprising.

Instead of delving into the large group of crackers, he began to squawk loudly. It seemed almost as if he was proclaiming that the crackers were his. None of the birds listened to this though. In droves they came, and ate his crackers, they did. He continued to squawk at them and they continued to eat his crackers.

By the time he finally shut up and ate some crackers, there were only 2 left. He’d wasted his time trying to stop them, and squawking, when he could have had all of the crackers.

Moral of this little tale…know when to shut up. In the above photo, he is caught in the act of squawking. Remember that image every time you consider talking and think about what your words will cost you.

Have a great day and thx for reading!