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While we live our lives, we tend to miss the little things like the sunset. We are so busy doing things that we often forget the simple joys in life. The smell of a freshly bloomed flower, the feel of grass between our toes, a newborn babies soft skin, a simple kiss from a loved one. We take these things for granted and never realize just how much we missed along the way, until they are gone.

I must consider myself one of those guilty of such things. In my goal to pursue my dreams, to be seen or even noticed, to leave something for future generations, I have cast aside some of the most important aspects of life, in favor of these creative pursuits of mine.

I suppose one could look at it like the means justify the end, but that would be wrong thinking on my part. Yes, most certainly there will always be another sunset, however, for us mere mortals there is a limited supply, for each of us. Life was designed to be more than just suffering(Sorry Buddhists); it was meant to be enjoyed too.

With these thoughts in mind, I hereby announce my retirement from all forms of internet related creativity. As much as I loved sharing with everyone, I am not sure that the sentiment went both ways. My followers on multiple platforms do not increase, they dwindle on some and remain stagnant on others. Sure, there are comments, likes, and such, but not enough to keep missing out on the important things that have been cast aside for far too long.

Therefore, I will post what remains of my photos and I may occasionally write a story for you, but my life will be primarily focused on the simple pleasures of life. The sunset of my life begins…may it be as glorious as the above one.

I want to thank each and every person who supported me in every facet of my life. You are jewels in a pile of stones. May your lives be filled with all the sunsets you deserve!