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I have to wonder if this is some wild plot to separate us from each other. Let’s think about this just a little bit and maybe you will see my point. You might not, but then again, that really is your problem. I can only try to explain my point of view.

Social websites all seem to have the same agenda. They support the worst behavior of people. They support laziness, greed, and introverted community. Let me share some real world examples and perhaps you will begin to see the pattern.

Every social website puts in buttons for you to click. Most call this the “like” button but there are other names for these buttons. I won’t go into all of them. Suffice it to say, that they have buttons. Buttons can be pressed to AVOID communications. You never have to think. You don’t have to type, just click the button. In doing this, they are not only supporting physical laziness but also suppressing any idea of thought. Even a robot can push a button. A human should never use a button to communicate with another human. This is completely undermining human interaction and learning from each other. Tell me exactly how this is helpful to people?

They also support greed. Let’s feed the ego my friends! I have more followers than you do. Why even show this? So people will spend their time worried about how many people are not communicating with them. How silly and stupid! Then to make the matter worse, they never notify you when someone unfollows you. Why not? If you are going to tell me when someone follows me, why not tell me when they unfollow? Because we want to support assholes who follow and then immediately unfollow you, the moment you follow them. As if they are too good or clever. But the social media websites completely support this asinine behavior and it completely frustrates and depresses others to have this done to them, over and over again, as if you were like the plague or something. Aren’t these sites supposed to be trying to improve the social experience? Why the hell won’t they fix this? If they can notify you when someone follows/friends you, they most certainly can let you know when someone leaves.

Furthermore, some sites punish you for sending friend requests. Tell me exactly why I am not supposed to meet new people on a social site. That makes no sense at all. Sending a friend request to someone you do not know offers them an opportunity to get to know someone new. They can always just ignore the request. So tell me why we are punished for trying to interact? This just smacks of unsocial management.

All these sites claim they want to make your lives better but then do everything they possibly can to make the experience negative. I know humans are far from perfect but this just flies in the face of simple common sense. You never reward people for bad behavior but that is exactly what these so-called social websites do. They reward these bad people and thus they continue to do it over and over again, at an even more frantic pace.

I think it is time for a real social revolution. We need to stand up as one and say enough is enough. We need to stop giving these sites the power to systematically destroy our social interactions. How do we do this? The answer is so simple it is stupid. JUST STOP LOGGING IN!!! If you have grown tired of these unsocial websites, just stop going there. There are other sites on the web to explore and many other ways to communicate. Many of these other ways don’t require you to give up all rights to your stuff, so they can use them for advertising. Many of them don’t have the social stigma of having others see how many people your interacting with or not communicating with. And none of them, will you be following a bunch of jerks that quickly unfollow others.

I have tossed Facebook and Instagram into the garbage bin where they belong. The number of real friends I have met on those two sites is exactly zero. All of my true friends I met elsewhere. Trust me, post something really important and see how many people reply. Disallow people to post to your wall on FB and see how many tell you happy birthday. You will be shocked! I posted about my son trying to commit suicide last week and out of 17,000 people who followed/friended me on these sites, only 2 people said a word to me. Still think you have real friends at these sites? You could not be more wrong if you tried. Having true friends in real life is nearly impossible, now add in the fact that you never have a meaningful conversation with people at these social sites, and you might begin to see reality.

I actually hope those naysayers out there don’t listen to me. I think they probably need to suffer. But those honest and good people out there, I hope they heed my words and save themselves before something really bad happens to them. You can only lead a horse to water…