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As a new year approaches, many of us forget to say goodbye to the old year. Is it important? Obviously, I think it should be, but who am I to make such bold statements and think that anyone cares? I am just a man. I am no genius (no matter what some people claim). I am merely mortal. However, I am a bit older and wiser than some, so maybe I do perhaps know something…worth knowing.

It is important to say goodbye to the things of the past. We cannot really move forward if we are thinking of the past. Our past will always be permanently bonded to us. It becomes part of who we are. Thus, by failing to say goodbye, we are failing to say hello to our new selves.

2016 was a year of make-over for me. I had to change the path I was on. It was not an easy choice. It was not what I desired to do. But fate has a way of making us do the things we NEED to do. I needed to at least try to help my wife. I CANNOT just sit around and watch my wife work herself to death. What would you do for those you love? I feel bad for those who could not see this. They are missing something important in their life. It is called humanity.

I learned from 2016. It was not a pleasant lesson. I learned that people just don’t care. It really is a sad and terrible lesson to learn. But what else are you supposed to get from literly thousands of people unfollowing or unfriending you just because you change career paths? I get that they wanted me to write for them. I am just disappointed they did not get that I need to try to save, the one and only person who totally gets me.

The terrible lesson of 2016 did not make me want to go back to writing. It made me hate the fact that I spent so many years honing and crafting the skills to do it. When we push people in a direction, they tend to go the opposite direction. That is what happened in 2016.

I want to now say goodbye to those old friends who never really cared about me. I hope 2017 teaches you a similar lesson. I am thankful that I was alive to learn, even if the knowledge was a bit distasteful. One should never be afraid to learn, of even the bad things in life. I have never turned away from knowledge of any kind. I welcome a new year and new knowledge.

I want to say thank you to ALL my true friends who have stuck around. I hope 2017 brings much more joy, happiness, and knowledge of a positive nature. Thank you for being my friends and joining me, in what I hope will be, an exciting and amazing new year!