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Watching a show this night with my significant other, the love of my life, the only person who ever seemed to get me, even a little, I recalled my school years and the trials that people often put in front of each other.

It is rather hilarious on the one hand, that the useless people with no important dreams, often spend most of their time trying to hold back or hold down, the others with talent and dreams. “You can’t be a musician, there is no living in that.” “A writer? Are you crazy? Stop dreaming and accept the reality of life.””You’re a nobody and will always be!” “Your even more worthless than your father!” It is completely aggravating and heart-wrenching on the other hand.

These are things you hear, not just from strangers. You here it from parents, from so-called friends, and even sometimes you hear things like this, from teachers in school. You think a teacher would never say such a thing? What do you think happens to students who are smarter than the teacher and embarrass them in front of class? Teachers are people too, you know.

Sadly, these things just delay or crush dreams, and they are just something the regular people do. It is human nature to fear what we do not understand.

The show we watched made me recall my younger days in school and it also made me see, perhaps for the first time, that things are not so different now. Sure, the people trying to keep the talented and creative people down are a bit older, and should have the wisdom to realize what they are doing is wrong. However, it does not stop them.They just can’t bear the thought that someone else has a dream, a vision, a goal that they can never achieve. They don’t understand how we could still have dreams and thus they recoil. Nothing has changed from high school. Our tormentors just have more gray hair.

Coming to this new understanding of my life and the people that are in it, just makes my heart break. If the tears do come…it would not surprise me. How long must we mourn the state of the world? How long must we survive the disdain in other’s eyes? Will there ever be a place for creative ones?

I don’t think there ever will be an end to it. The average person won’t get passion any more than they will understand Quantum theory or why they cannot lick their elbow. They will never see through the eyes of those who have been exiled. Our journey is a long and lonely road. Our journey is the path less taken. Our journey is a hell, I would wish on no other.

While I do feel fortunate to have found someone who has an understanding of me, I must now realize it is entirely possible, that she will be the only one…ever. This makes me beyond sad. The creative minds of this world, have so much they want to share, but after having what they share come back to bite them…they reluctantly hold it in and the world misses out. What kind of world do we really live in? A world where the brilliant are silenced into embarrassment? A world where the weak tear down those they would never comprehend? A world where we do our best, to hide the best, from daylight?

I want no part of this world. It has no place for me. It has no place for higher consciousness! It has no place for understanding! It has no place for growth! It has no place…for those that walk the path of exile.