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While the days often blend as we get older, some things still make an impression that lasts a lifetime. Yesterday’s visit to Brazos Bend State Park was one of those things that won’t easily fall down in into the memory waste lands.

If one were to stand in front of an all-powerful God and ask for the perfect day, then yesterday would have been the day received. The air slightly cool and the sun was shining strong. There was just enough breeze to keep the heat at bay and just enough of the right kind of light. The kind of light that makes everything seem magical and surreal. If the day could be described in one lone and powerful word, that word would be picturesque and the above photo proves this.

As we strolled around Elm Lake and arrived at this corner, our eyes immediately fell to the beauty of this view. Neither of us hesitated in trying to capture this moment in time, when the wind and water were still. A moment when even the best camera struggled to capture every nuance of reflections made.

It was the first time my wife joined me in attempting to capture our world. It was special beyond measure and will always be something long remembered. No one forgets their first of anything. Fate smiled upon us, as it seems to like to do on occasion, and gave us the best of everything yesterday.

Later today or tomorrow, I shall be giving everyone who desires it, a chance to share in the magic that was enjoyed. I will be uploading a fully edited version of the above picture for purchase. I wanted to get up at least one photo of this magical day, before I resume work on old photos still in need of love. I wanted everyone to have the opportunity of having a piece of the magic, for the upcoming holiday.

Whether your choice is to have a print displayed on your wall or greeting cards to share the magic with others, I will have you covered in my photography shop. If owning a piece of the magic is not your choice, then at least I got to share it here.

Thank you for reading and I hope magic enters your life in the near future. We all deserve a little magic in our lives.