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For a great many years(30+yrs.) I wondered down a split path of music and writing, dividing my time between the two as time allowed. While I accomplished many of the goals I set out to accomplish, time finally caught up to me, and I found myself swimming in an ocean with far too many sharks. With so many people entering into both of these fields, the market for these creative projects tanked, due simply to the fact of oversaturation. Simply put, you cannot sell something that nearly everyone is giving away. Hence, I announced earlier this year my semi-retirement from writing.

However, semi-retirement did nothing to solve my families medical woes. With no medical insurance thanks to Obamacare and my wife’s recent stroke, we are finding our medical bills quickly outpacing our ability to pay them. Obviously, something has to change. The recent election of Donald Trump does nothing to help(or hinder) our situation. Thus, I am forced to looking toward myself and others for help. No, I am not asking anyone to give me money! But I will need some help with getting the word out, as I begin this new path.

What path is this, you might wonder? It is really the only path available to me. With my health issues and lack of a current resume(due to 22yrs. of being a stay at-home Dad) and no transportation, my only option is to sell some of the few assets I have.

Those assets are my pictures. I have thousands of pictures, and fortunately, when I shared some earlier this year, the response was amazing. People loved them! In fact, some of my most retweeted tweets, were of those pictures.

Thus, considering my current health bills and my semi-retirement from writing, it is clear that the time has come share some of those images with the world.

I have upgraded all my photo related software to professional level software, so that I may harness the power to create the best final products that money can buy. The upgraded software, combined with my 16 years of digital graphics experience, should lead to exciting products for all involved.

Am I asking you to buy my pictures when I do post them? No! If you like them and want to own them, that is obviously your decision. Then what, exactly, am I asking of you? I am simply asking for your support. I ask that you share and click a few buttons occasionally. This new path will require me to get the word out. It will require my time to go through the thousands of photos I have. It will require me to process all the good ones worthy of time and it will require me to create websites to support the sale and distribution of these amazing photos.

Certainly, some of the photos will end up on stock photo websites. However, the very best of the photos, will reserved for purchase by my followers or others who discover my work. They will be available as prints at first, and then as time allows, they will be available as cards, keychains, pillows, shower curtains, and other home related items. I think there will something for most everyone, but again, I am not asking for your money. I am only asking that you share. I firmly believe that if you share, not only my pictures, but all of the pictures I will be posting, that all of us will gain more followers and friends. I see this as a win/win situation, but only if you are willing enjoy in the fruits of my labor.

It should be clear that this is only a means to an end. I am uncertain if I want to devote the rest of my life to making and selling photos/graphics. Yes, I enjoy doing them, however, if the choice was solely mine, I am uncertain that this is the path I would remain on. In fact, if it were completely up to me, I would go back to writing. Sadly, that path is not a profitable one and I MUST pay bills.

So there is some motivation for those that would like to see me return to that path of writing. Once my bills are taken care of, I will have the time to write again. I think it should be clear, that if you help, there is so much more to be gained for all of us. If you cannot find the time to click, then NONE of us will benefit from this new direction.

I want to thank everyone who has shown even the least amount of support for my artistic endeavors. Your support has always meant the world to me. Please follow me down this next road I must travel. I think many surprises await us all!