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You think that by doing nothing you have found the road of least resistance? What other lies do you tell yourself? Surely you can see, this is a lie. Even the blind can see this. Nothing will ever come to you, if you hide. One must be willing to step out of their door, to view what life is willing to show.

Choose a path, a way, a road. It must still be traveled. It begs for your exploration. To deny it your company, is deny your gift of life. Therefore, step out upon that journey. Stretch your legs and open your eyes, to all the comes into view.

No path is golden; no journey is equal to another. There are no guarantees of success OR failure. The only illusion is the one created within your mind. Break out of the chains that confine you. Tear down any walls that hold you. All paths… are ones of your choosing.

Doing nothing is a choice. Doing something…also a choice. Saving the world, a choice. Destroying the world, another choice. Defending the innocent and bullying those brave enough to be different, more choices. All paths lead to somewhere. This you must surely know by now.

Getting to where you want to be is never going to be easy. There are no easy paths. If you think a path is easy, then you should really consider what it leads to. Will it take you were you REALLY desire to be?

Close your ears and your minds, to those who would have you sway from your path. Cast aside naysayers and fools. For they do not even realize that the path they have chosen, leads not to their destination. They cannot see further than the tip of their nose. Look beyond their words, and see that they lie to themselves. They do so, to remain comfortable in their choice of a fool’s journey.

When you finally open your eyes, and see life for what it really is, then you will understand. No path is easy, thus, you might as well take the path that is YOURS.