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As life happens we try to preserve the moment, capture its essence to be savored and shared. Yet, the very second the image is caught it is gone. Sure, someone may later come to visit the same location in hopes of maybe capturing that same moment but they will not succeed. For that moment is gone and only the essence remains, stored on an electronic device. Even that captured essence can be lost if we fail to follow through in caring and sharing.

In order to for me to do proper justice to my essences, I must build a more applicable website. A website that more clearly reflects all images that are stored and available for sharing.

Until I have done so, many memories stored in the physical realm, will have to remain locked away in personal storage. But, not all of them shall be locked away.

During my b-day celebrations yesterday, I managed to find time to upload all of my vacation memories. (Why do I insist on giving things to others on my b-day? Have no idea but last year I uploaded a song.) Those essences of the moment may be found at this dropbox location- San Antonio dropbox

During our vacation we went to San Antonio,Tx. We visited the Alamo, the Tower of the Americas, 2 different cathedrals and the oldest building in San Antonio, the Spanish Governer’s Mansion, and of course, The Riverwalk.

There are a total of 202 pictures in the files, nearly all of them are unedited and basically are in “raw” condition. That does not mean they suck, it just means I have not made them great yet.

If you are not sure if you are ever going to go to San Antonio, viewing these pictures might just change your mind. I hope someone enjoys them and everyone has an awesome day.