Life, and the world, are in constant flux, thus we must adapt to the changes or be left in the dark. I have made various changes in all of my websites, in an effort to re-invent my internet persona. Most of the changes have been little, subtle, but needed to be done in order to accomplish my main goal. That goal was simple. I have not been utilizing my YouTube account to its fullest and want to change that. All the other minor site changes were done with that goal in mind. However, the largest changes were done to my YouTube channel itself.

I wanted create a new direction in what videos I posted, thus besides the obvious appearance changes, all of the previously uploaded videos will be deleted and new videos will be created to reflect the different direction I have in mind.

It should be readily apparent that this will not happen overnight but it will happen over time. Please share a moment to check out those new videos as they go up and put in your feedback on what you think of them. Of course, liking and sharing them is always welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and enjoy your day!