The answer to this may seem pretty obvious but for me nothing is ever obvious. Let me quantify that remark by a little story.

On a boy’s 12th birthday, the boy goes to his Father and asks, “Dad, you said when I am 12, I would no longer be considered a child. Instead, I would be considered a young man. Why is this so?” The Father was already prepared for this question. Any father should be, if he was raised correctly, with true love and respect. The father says to the young man, “Because it is at this age that a child’s mind begins to see beyond themselves. It is more of a tradition than truth though. For many children, sadly, never grow up enough to see past themselves.”

The young man ponders this response for a moment and then asks, “So how do you know if I am a young man or a boy?” The father once more is prepared for this question and quickly answers, ” Because you ask instead of proclaiming. A child make declarations and proclamations thinking he knows all there is to know about himself. A young man does not do so. He has grown up enough to realize that he does not and that it is his responsibility to learn this. Thus he questions everything. A young man accepts responsibility.”

The young man once more considers this answer and then asks, ” So what kind of gift does a young man get for his birthday? Again, the father is prepared for the question and replies, “I have already given you your gift, my son. It is a the gift of knowledge. The knowledge that you can always be confident in your years as a father. The knowledge of how to raise your sons and daughters, by the example I have given, in raising you. This knowledge will bring you happiness through out your lifetime, whether your children recognize it or not. You will KNOW that you gave them the gift of knowledge and that is the one gift that cannot never be bought or sold. You will gave them something priceless and be happy in this knowledge. There is no better gift I could give you.”

The young man considered this reply and them embraces his father while saying, “Thank you”.

That is all any father should ever need or desire for Father’s Day. A simple “Thank you”. May all the father’s out there receive this today! Happy Father’s Day!