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With absolutely zero replies on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, and Tumblr, to my “A Little Honesty, Please” post, I am left with only one pathway to follow.

I am officially semi-retired from creating music and writing. No sense in putting in the work if nobody gives a rat’s ass about it. I cannot see it any other way. YOUR silence spoke volumes to me!

I think I will do what so many seem to be doing to make a living now-a-days. I will make money by NOT working. I will stream video games to Twitch and post them to YouTube. Compared to spending everyday creating original content, that is not working for me.

I am left with no choice in this though. I have $8000.00 in medical bills and I am still sick! I must try to make a living some how and all my fans, followers, and subscribers, have basically told me to fuck off with their silence.

If you see any future content from me it will be in the form of video. If this bothers you…don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. You are of no use to ANYONE if all you do is ignore everything they post. Your just a waste of cyber-space!

Don’t feel too bad…apparently, I am too.