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It is the soul that always loses. The mind speaks logic and reason, while the heart points over to those dreams, laid upon the floor. The soul cries out in agony and throws the ego out the door. You stand outside, looking in, as the battle rages.You watch, as the soul is ripped at again and again, until a piece of it falls out and shatters upon the ground, like a broken glass trinket. Now of no use to anyone.

As the battle subsides and both sides rest from their earned weariness, you must to find a place within, that can comfort you. A place of peace if but only for a single, solitary moment. But you fail to find it as both sides take up arms once more.

The mind begins to scream once more ” You gave them a chance! You gave them so many! You lit the fire and they watched it burn. Burn to the ground it did, and for what? To pursue a stupid-ass dream nobody gave a flipping fuck about, but you.” The heart screamed back in retort, ” If it were not for those dreams, then you would not live now! What do you actually think you will do without their motivation? I would love to know what plan you have for accomplishing anything without them?” The sarcasm flowed wildly from the heart’s tongue.

The mind screamed with even more intensity. “You fucking fool! Can you not see by now, that dreams are not accomplished by one alone? You must have help and not enough people care to do so. The many have shown their nature. They left in droves the minute you quit entertaining them with your funny pictures. They left you behind so fast, the door did not even know it had been opened.”

The heart responded this time with passion, for it had lost all control, “You know damn well you are not alone! Sure, many loser users left, finding they could no longer use, and good riddance! For they were of no use to anyone, even themselves. But you know, even now, that you are not alone. Some have seen the passion and skill, with which you have brought to bear, in pursuit of your dreams.”

This time the mind, much more comfortable that it had gotten fire from the heart, replied quietly, almost as if it were already victorious, “I never said I was alone. I know this is not true. Just as I know that the few that remain are not enough to move forward. Surely, even you can see this cliff, we now hang from? If we are going to move forward we must release our grip from these old dreams and find new ones. We both know that going backward never leads forward. Living in a shattered past will only bring us closer to one thing, and that is the poison that shall undo us.”

The heart once more replied. Its tone a bit quiet and demure. It could see it was losing now, but did not want to give up. “But this is not the same. It is not the past. It is a different route, a path with more promise for all. Do you not think they will see that?”

The mind now overjoyed in the knowledge that this battle was almost won, boldly proclaimed, “Actually, I do not think they will see. That has always been the problem. They are not willing to take the time to look and discover. This is the problem with the past and will once again be the problem. It may not be exactly the same as the past but the problem will always be the same. It could not be any clearer. Have you not noticed the complete lack of response to the previous post? You may give a fool knowledge but there is a reason they remain fools…they not how to retain the knowledge. The next new shiny thing distracts them and they forget. It is the way people are becoming because it is the way the world is teaching them to be. That is why a person can make more in a day playing games than a person can with book or music, in years of labor.”

The heart, now totally disgusted with the direction things had went, snarkly replied, “Dreams are not about money, you dumbass! It is about seeing a vision come to life. It is about sharing a living vision with others, in order to hopefully add value to their lives. It is about happiness. There can be nothing of higher purpose than this.”

The mind quickly quipped back, “You seem to forget one small detail…time. In this case, the lack of it. Without any income we shall not live long enough to pursue any dream, stupid or otherwise. You won’t find any happiness laying in a bed waiting to die and you certainly won’t be fulfilling any damn dreams. Time may be your friend on occasion but it will never be my friend. Wake up and smell the fucking coffee! We either find a means to make enough money to continue chasing whatever dreams you wish to follow or we lay down and die right now!”

“Speaking of dying,” the soul finally spoke up, “Every time you two fight, I grow more brittle and thus break apart, with more ease. You must stop this! For when I grow too small, there will not be enough left of me, to keep us alive. You two must learn to work together for all our sakes. Now go lie down and rest. We shall give all a chance, to voice or not voice, their viewpoints before we discuss this matter again. Now go on!”

To be continued…maybe.