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The mind shouts and the soul shouts back, while the heart cringes. The desire to ignore all evidence is over-abundant. For things as they really are, it’s beyond heart breaking; it is dream ending and complete. A vast chasm of darkness waiting for you to slip and fall inside.

But even knowing this, one cannot just put aside evidence so vast, that even a blind man could see. The people no longer care about creativity, it is taken for granted and set aside, for the desire of comedic pictures and tales of humor. The creativity gets lost in the mix and then is found sitting amongst the trash.

This evidence and these simple truths haunt the artist and tear apart the little remaining ego they possess, leaving a poisoned soul. The dark chasm looks better and better by the moment. For if we must endure silence, it is better to do so alone.

For a time, I shall walk upon the sands of despair and hide amid the shadows of my tortured inner being. In solice perhaps I will once more find myself or least not find any further loss of my damned soul.

Take care and peace be with you.