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I am sick of sycophants jumping at anything you say against this man. Let me give you an example. I posted a tweet today about Stephen King abandoning his loyal fans when he let his novel rights for 11-22-63 be sold to Hulu. This should be clear to anyone with half a brain, how it is true, but let me explain how this works, so every moronic idiot out there can understand it.

In the past every Stephen King series have been viewable on TV. Yet now, it is not so. After the loyal fan goes and spends $30.00+ for the hardcover(because that is what loyal fans do) he now has to spend an additional $50.00 for high speed internet(assuming they even have access to that) and at least $16.00 to sub to Hulu, (the series only lasts 2 months). How is that in any way, shape, or form considering your long time, loyal fans? Why would a man as rich as Stephen King even think about leaving behind loyal fans? I think the action speaks for itself.

It really is that simple. You cannot compare a limited access platform(Hulu) to an open access platform. Limited access platforms guarantee that some will not have access. Open access platforms(TV) are available to nearly everyone.

People need to get their head out of their ass and see this for what it really is. Heck, I as a writer know, Stephen King is not even the best writer and any writer out there with enough guts, will tell you so also. Knowing this, you would think he could at least remember how he came to be so famous.

Dean Knoontz has written more books and has more original ideas. Although he is a tad overly obsessed with horticulture. Hey Dean, most of your readers don’t know the difference between an oak and a birch tree.

Anne Rice has more fluidity and grace in her writing than Stephen could ever dream to have.

Even a relatively unknown writer such as Robert McCammon is a better writer.

I would bet you could read books off of only Amazon digital platform, and in less than a week, you could find a better writer.

Stephen King does not even seem to be as good at plotting out his storyline as any experienced writer should be. A glaring example of this would be “It”. The ending did not jive with the rest of the book for me.

You want a good writer to worship, go read some Hemingway. You want a genius to worship go read Edger Allen Poe. You want to bow down to a writer with fluidity and grace, go read Kahlil Gibran.

The one thing Stephen King seems to be good at is timing. He writes what is in the public mind at the time. Not many of his books are original ideas. About a year before The Stand was written, a newspaper article mentioned an underground lab filled with deadly virus’. Under The Dome was based upon the old biological theory of Microcosm. Pet Cemetary, although one of my favorites from him, is not much more than zombie animal.

Even Stephen has publically admitted he is not the best.

Truth is we should not worship any writer, or artist, for that matter. We should be living our lives and working on improving them, and just accept what artistic  people offer, for what it is, their ability. Everyone has an exceptional ability, just most of them are not as glamorous.

I am sure most will write this off as just an opinion and they are welcome to do so. After all, that is what it is. But I am not afraid to voice my opinion just because it might be unpopular. I don’t give a shit about popularity. I do, however, care about saying what is right, and believing someone can do nothing wrong because they are famous, is simply ignorant.

Like it or leave it, I don’t care! I have said my peace. You may accept it however you like.

I really do have better things to do…