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The purpose of the original post what not for me, it was for those few people who seem to think I should be writing novels. It was for those who insist I am a good writer. Whether that may be true or not, is a matter of opinion. Realizing writing is an art and subjective is one thing. Bringing that fact into the light and seeing its impact upon everything you post is another. By doing this, readers can now see the kind of impact that is made by followers, fans, subs, and anyone who reads an excerpt, chapter, or even just a tweet. So lets open this subject up to full scrutiny and reveal its secrets for all.

First, let’s dig deeper into the actual post…”A Cold Heart”. It was written for one purpose…to catch attention. Anyone with a pulse should find interest in the possible death of person in under 300 words. There were many questions left with just a tiny amount of reading.

1st-We have a man wondering a obvious frozen piece of earth and he is wearing hardly any clothes. Why is this so? Is this man crazy? Were his clothes stolen?

2nd-This man is obviously injured. It must be a very bad injury as quickly as it turns the snow beneath him red. How did he get injured? By his own folly or the mischief of others?

3rd-Probably the deepest and most strange of the questions. He hears death speaking. Is this a metaphor or is the man hallucinating? If he is hallucinating, why? Drugs or delirium? What if it is not a metaphor or an hallucination?

4th-Why is this man so willing to give in to death? Is he not just physically broken? Maybe there is heartbreak involved? Is the pain so bad that he is just willing to quit?

5th-Is he alive or dead? He could certainly be either. For all any reader knows, I may have written the ending down first. It would not be the first time I have done so.

It should be clear for any to see, that this piece was written with the point of peaking interest. It written for the sole purpose of making people come away from it with at least a question or two. It was also a scene that was written in a way that it could fit into any genre book. This could be the opening to a horror, scifi, fantasy, general fiction, mystery, or even a romance book. All this was  accomplished with less than 300 words. Obviously, some writing skill is required to do this, but we are not here to discuss the skill of the written piece or writer. We are here to analyze the results. How much attention did it gather? So now that we know what it offered to the reader, let’s see what the readers got from it.

A total of 19 views was generated from the piece. This is from a person who posted this to this blog, Twitter, Facebook, G+, and Tumblr. A person with nearly 21k followers, subs, friends, and connections. Of those 19 views, only 3 people commented and only 2 people shared it. This last number is the bottom line, because it shows how far the post traveled, which obviously, is nowhere.

Now we could sit here and try to figure out why this is so, but that is a complete waste of time. The answer could be anything from timing to terrible followers to a lack of attention span by the general public. There is no real way of knowing, if any of these factors or all of them, are true. What we can ascertain from all this though, is a general feeling for what happens with every single post, tweet, excerpt, and book announcement, that is made.

The same stats hold up for every one of those things posted. Ultimately, this means that nothing ever posted, goes anywhere. Thus no money and no rewards are derived from any of the work that is done, by yours truly. If I was rich or had a rich benefactor, then it would not matter. However, that is not even remotely the case. I currently have over 50k in regular bills, 10k in medical bills and a wife working two jobs and 70+ hours a week to pay them. Should I sit around and keep flailing at the dead horse or move on?

I think with this post I have shown that there is absolutely no way I can continue writing novels. It does not matter if I was made to do it or if people support my efforts or even if I love to do it. I know what the end result will always be. I have sang this song, and danced this dance, too many times already. Not only would I be a complete idiot to keep trying, I would be deliberately abusing my wife in forcing her to continue working, as hard as she is. I am neither a idiot nor an asshole.

I hope this analysis and the proof it offers, demonstrates to those who could not believe that I have moved on, why I had to. I was simply given no other option. I am sure it is clear to see now, how this is true. Until things change in a big way, this decision to change the way I utilize my writing skills, is final.

As always, thanks for reading, and giving me a small piece of your time. Time is precious and know that I truly appreciate yours. Take care…