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You are like the pebble thrown into the pond. The moment you were born you became the pebble that was cast into the pond and created ripples. But you do not see what this means. You are blind to its meaning. You seek to make a difference difference…all do. Most fail, for they do not see the evident. They do not see their birth already did so. They do not understand that they seek that which has already happened. Therefore, they waste their life on the past, seeking to accomplish a task that has already happened. When what you need to see is that all ripples fade and must be reformed to keep existing.

This is the true secret to making any kind of lasting difference. But I shall show you what you need to know. I will give you the key. I will help you unlock the door which blocks you. Why would I do so, one might wonder? It is simple…in doing so, I recast my pebble and remake myself. I give the one thing I can, in hopes that in doing so, you in turn give to the world what you can give. My ripple travels upon your pond and then another and so on.

We as a species get so caught up. We get lost in the meanings of things. We want the answers without even understanding the questions. We are the questions and the answers. That is what we need to see within ourselves. We must learn the only answer and the only question that really matters is within us. When we stop focusing on the wrong things, we can then focus on the right things. We can focus on the one thing that will allow us to recast ourselves.

It is in the moment that you must seek to be. You must always strive to be there. Not just partially or half-heartedly. You fully immerse yourself in the moment.The universe is ever evolving…in every moment things change. If you don’t adapt, you fail to see what comes next. In living the moment you see the twists and turns just ahead and avoid those you do not desire to take. Their is a great magic in the moment. It is where all true power lies. Any man can have it. It does not cost money or fame or any kind of special ability; it only requires your complete attention.

It is like the little baby, it needs you be there every moment to nurture it, and in doing so, you grow too. Feed the moment, experience it fully and with it you shall grow. With it you shall continually cast your pebble into the pond of life.

Why do you still read now? I have given you the key to unlock your kingdom. I have shown you the way. Do not be the pebble that falls to the bottom of the pond. Go now and live those moments, so that you may enjoy the benefits of its magic. Go now and become the moment.