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Or more importantly, it is who and what comes with us into the following year. At least on this day, it is important. For we have reached the end of another year and the beginning of a new one.

Before you raise a glass to your lips today you should consider what is worthy of bringing with you into 2016. Take a real hard look at what was great about this last year and what was not so much. Before you go get drunk tonight just keep one thing in mind, you cannot erase anything from your mind that you experienced while sober. Sadly, this is true. We must see the truth for what it is or it will bite us in the ass for having turned our back on it.

One of the few things I am really glad I did was to quit drinking. I will not miss it tonight nor will I miss the hangover that would come the following day. With sobriety a number of things became more evident to me, especially about this day. Let me share a few quick tips that maybe might help you make it through the night.

  1. Those who did not make it through the year with us were not meant to. The universe had more need of them than we did.
  2. Don’t get drunk! Why ruin the first day of a new year? I am quite certain, there will always be plenty of bad days to spare in every year, without our help.
  3. Don’t make resolutions! Why end up spending the first part of the new year feeling bad about failing to do something? Instead, make a small list of things you did not like about this year, and work on trying to eliminate that list tomorrow. Don’t promise but do sincerely try.
  4. Don’t get drunk! I cannot say this enough. Even without a hangover you will still lose memories.
  5. Don’t go into the new year with unrealistic expectations. The year changed…not you. Start the year just happy to have made it through the last one.
  6. Don’t get drunk! Yep, I did say I could not say this enough.
  7. The kiss you get at the end of the night is worth less than the kisses you will get tomorrow. Don’t spend your night focused on it. It will only lead to misery and trouble.
  8. Don’t get drunk! Have I said it enough yet? Really, if you must, don’t add to it by driving too!
  9. Choose very carefully who you spend this night with. Just ask yourself if they are worth taking into 2016. If the answer is “No”, then find someone else. No sense in ruining a brand new year before it has begun. (Truthfully we should probably do this everyday, but it is even more important this day, as we are prone to making larger mistakes while we drink.)
  10. Don’t get drunk! Not sure I can ever say this enough. It is the safest way to guarantee your new year starts out better. Try it and thank me later!

I hope these tips will at least get you started in the right direction and everyone has a safe and happy new year! See ya next year!