I find it so funny how this term is not politically correct. How can a term, that really has nothing to do with any current religion, be incorrect? People run around spouting stupid shit like they are offended by this term, yet have no concept what it actually means.

But, I suppose the world shall remain full of ignorant fools until one day this planet has had enough of our stupidity and decides to wipe us from it. Until the day the planet decides to get rid of the virus known as humanity, it shall remain up to us, to try to educate ourselves in all matters.

Thus on this Christmas Day, I should like to give unto you, the one gift I may through the Internet…knowledge!

Learn where Christmas really originated from and discover that by participating you are really worshipping Satan. Did that surprise you? It should not, did you  actually expect Christmas to be about God or Christ. Why? Did you think God is really into material possessions? Oh come on, even a complete idiot can see this lie.

Here is a link to get you started on your search for the real truth behind Christmas. It has a slightly religious slant but how could this subject not be? It was the least convoluted of the sites I found though.


Enjoy the holiday!