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So I went to the hospital emergency room this morning. They liked me so much the gave big ole’ antibiotic pills and more pain killers. Sadly,  the painkillers are not even close to what is needed. Seems I have not suffered enough.

If you have been following my life and posts for a few months, you have to be wondering. Wtf? Is this guy even real? How can anyone on this planet have this much bad luck and still be alive? That is one answer I would love to give you but I have no clue why I am still alive. I am thinking I made some God very angry when I was but a mere child, and since then, this God has been torturing me for pleasure.

You say what? How is it possible for a child to make a God so angry? I say, leave up to me to not only figure out a way, but to manage to do it without even trying. If you got a better answer, I’d love to read it. Please make it comical, anything else would just make me cry.