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Or Maybe I should have titled this “What people are really like!”. I could not help but noticing people occasionally seem to grasp just how bad they are but so quickly forget, it seems. Perhaps they think it is just them or they did something to deserve the bad treatment. Let me make it clear for those people. You can be incredibly kind to people on the Internet and they will almost always take it for granted or just throw it back to you.

The problem is the simple fact, 90% of the people on this planet really only give a shit about themselves. This is truth. The Internet just allows them to be as rude as they like. It is the idea that there are no repercussions from anything you say or type. It is the identity masked. Do you think people would talk to me the same in person? They might but not for very long. Kinda hard to speak with my fist in your mouth.

You must learn to accept your fellow man is going to be more prone to being an absolute jackass on the Internet. You either get by this or get off the net.

Let me help you with a little perspective. When I announced I was going to die due to lack of medical coverage and funds, more than 10 immediately unfollowed me. What kind of person abandons a dying man?

Furthermore, not single person offered a hand to this dying man. I know I did not ask for any help but not even a single soul out there felt in the least inclined to help. FYI, I have nearly 50 followers that make more than a million dollars a year.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining in the least. I am merely trying to give those, I have seen recently complaining about how bad people treat them on the Internet, some perspective in the matter.

If they don’t give a fuck about a multi-published author and musician dying, they really don’t give a fuck about anyone else. PERIOD!

You have to learn to either let it roll off your back or when you finally wake up to how much of a waste of time these people are, learn to get up and walk away. Complaining will never make anyone react in the way you desire. People have to give a shit first and they don’t.

I hope this puts a little perspective into the situation and maybe it will lead others to find some peace in their lives. Good luck!