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I can mumble to myself or I can mumble to the world, but either is about as effective as speaking to my cat. Words of wisdom, basic ideology, common sense…all seem to do only one thing. They drift in one ear and fly right out the other. It is like crying in the rain, none notice and even the rain cares not, for your pain.

Despite all these, a man of intelligence cannot remain silent forever. Although he knows his voice will echo into a empty hallway, the man sings his song. For it is better to sing on your way to the grave, than to die with words still left to vocalize.

How can any civilized nation or people tolerate war for any reason? I was always under the impression that civilized meant we rose above the base instincts of man. That we put aside the basic primal urges and rose to a new level of interaction, where reason dominated a man’s mind and deeds. If we have indeed done so, and claimed we are civilized, should we not actually BE civilized?

War is the anti-thesis of civilized. It the epitome of barbaric. It is not civilized. It is civil unrest…magnified.

The only thing more base than war, is war without factual purpose. That is terrorism. It’s a war over beliefs, with no actual facts to justify the killings.

If you want to come to me and say lets kill this man, you need to have some actual proof, as to how they are threatening your very existence. Coming to me and saying this man has different beliefs, is just not an acceptable reason to take away anyone’s life. A belief it not tangible proof of anything, other than a disagreement. A civilized society does not kill each other over disagreements.

ALL religions share one thing in common, you must have faith. Faith, by its very definition, is belief in something there no actual evidence for. This holds true for all religions because there is no tangible proof of an afterlife. I have yet to see a picture of Jesus leaning against the pearly gates. Nor have I seen one of Mohammed sitting on the right side of God. I still have not received that postcard from Judas, showing him stabbing himself in the back, from Hell.

If you are killing anyone over a religious belief you are the equivalent of a loon. Imagine if I were to go into the street and shoot a man and then when in court I said, “I killed him because he looked like a demon to me.” Not only would they find me guilty, they would also consider me insane. Most certainly, I would be considered a loon, and so should any man who kills without tangible proof of wrong.

Religion is not a reason for killing. Religion is an excuse for killing without reason.

However, this is what our supposed civilized society is now considering the normal. How did we fall so low as humans, as to let this become the norm? When are we going to wake up to the fact, there are billions of people who have completely lost sight, of right and wrong? When are we going to awake to the fact that war is wrong and that war over beliefs is equal to killing with reason?

Sadly, humanity has grown weak and lazy. These traits will NEVER aid in making changes. Even if all of humanity woke up, we still have to have the fortitude to follow through, with what needs to be done to stop this insanity.

But we can’t even admit we are at war. How can we stop that which we won’t admit is happening? America is at war. We have been at war since 9/11. The POTUS at the time declared a “War on Terrorism”. Can it be any clearer? I do not see how, yet many just do not seem to grasp this, as they sit in their comfy mansions and watch humanity burn itself to the ground, from their home theaters.

If we got it, if we really understood we are at war, we would not be rebuking one of the few intelligent things a certain man has recently suggested. He suggests that all Muslims be confined and all immigration be halted until the war is over.  This is indeed a good strategic decision. No intelligent commander, in any way, would leave enemies at his backside. That is simply stupid. Yet we frowned upon his suggestion, because to accept this decision, would mean accepting we are at war.

You can say you don’t have cancer, but that sure as hell won’t make it disappear. We must accept we are uncivilized, barbaric, and we are at war. If we ever want to find peace, we must first remove the rose-colored tinted glasses we now wear.

After a few more years of terrorism on our home soil, maybe we will begin to wake up, but I have to wonder how many innocent Muslims will find themselves victims of hate crimes before we wake up. At least in interment camps as suggested, they would be safe and so would we. But let’s stay in denial so more people can die for no reason! Let’s keep feeding those base instincts. Why not? We are nothing more than programmed monsters with no real goals and ambitions.

We are servants because we are too weak to face reality. Wake me up when humanity has decided to become HUMAN again.