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After reading this article I was inspired to write a little about my writing style and why I do things differently.- http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2014/11/stop-making-excuses-and-finish-that-book/381795/ …

When I write I do so to serve the story, not to serve what people say is the quickest way to trap people into reading. This is what real writing is about. The story comes before all else. In choosing to follow this path, I won’t be looking for gimmicks such as killing off characters, to keep attention. That is simply cheap and lazy. A good story does not require such things. It only requires the author’s full attention. It demands they reach inside and find the truth of the story.

Knowing how the story will end helps to further a more involved plot, with sub plots that in turn, all make sense once you finish the book. To read one of my books and not finish, is like eating pizza with no toppings. Rather bland indeed! You should always keep in mind, when reading ANY book, that the pot of gold is at the END of the rainbow.

I am not out trying to make a fast buck by creating a twist from another person’s ideas. I am building a legacy and this can only be done one way. To serve the story. I do not know or desire to write any other way. I have no desire to lower my writing to the morass of gimmicks and laziness. I will always do it right or not do it at all.

I urge all readers, to continue reading any of my books, you have started. In doing so, you will end up gaining much more than you dreamed, and I will end up with another 5 star review. This is a win for both of us. Keep reading them books, my friends. If the book gained your interest in the beginning, then chances are, it will reward you in the end.

Have a great day and read ,read, read!