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Truth is not as clear as many often think it is. It does not fit the mold of something for everyone or even something for anyone. It’s like trying to shove a greased weasel up a lubricated pipe. Sound hard? Most certainly, by why would anyone want to? That is indeed a very good question. But, it is not why I am here.

Hemingway always wanted to write the truest sentence. But doing so is more than a challenge, it is impossible. Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. I am saying the man was searching for the impossible. If truth cannot defined, how can a true sentence exist. It can’t…simple.

You see truth is a misnomer. Because it does not exist. Only perspective exists. I suppose a small example might clarify the matter.

You go to the circus with a friend. You and the friend sit next to each. A clown comes out and dances around, does some silly things, makes people laugh and at the end, releases a bunch of balloons. You notice the huge smile he shows after he does it. Your friend notices all the balloons released. Later when you tell the story to your other friends, you both tell a different story. Your story focuses on what you noticed. Your friend’s story focuses on what they noticed. What is the truth? Would the truth be “A clown released some balloons.” Would that be a true sentence? It is simple, it is clear. However, it is what you saw and focused on. It was still only your perspective. For that clown, his truth might be he accidentally released some balloons, but was able to cover it up nicely.

Now perhaps you see, that truth is not as cut and dried as we think it is. It never was and that is the truth…or is it? Lol!

At any rate, this whole idea of telling a true sentence and perspective got me to thinking about a book idea. It is something I would have never considered writing about. I always hint at my dark past. Perhaps I should do a book about it. I do not like to go there. It is a part of my life I would gladly erase from my chalkboard. However, I realize it is the one thing I have experienced, that 99% of the population will never experience. To be a writer and not share it, is almost criminal. A little ironic…when I consider it.

I shall add another WIP to my list. Who knows maybe telling the truth will set me free. Is there really such a thing as freedom? That is another truth of its own.