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While I will never give my books away for free(for many reasons, see this article), I will always strive to bring as good of prices as possible. Limited sales, limit my options but I will continue to try and give readers the best price I can.

For a limited time, the first Shadow Shifters book is just 99 cents. This should give more readers an opportunity to jump into this paranormal/fantasy horror series. I also lowered the price of the second Shadow Shifters book. The price will never be lower. So if you are waiting for free…you might as well find something else to wait on that may happen, like a world were all people are treated equally.

I also lowered the paperback versions to reflect the actual cost of the book. Yes, this means I really don’t make squat on them, but at least now you pay more, you get a longer book. They are now in the same price range as any current paperback you can buy at the store however mine are larger size(6×9).

How long will this pricing structure last? I guess as long as I can afford to make no money from them. With the recent cost of my wife’s medical issues, I can assure you it won’t be long. Take advantage of the holiday pricing while you can.

Keep in mind all my books have been edited and beta read by others before being released and that you can read chapters and excerpts before buying. So make an intelligent decision before you buy.

I hope this lower pricing helps readers get something they want and if this proves to be desirable to them, I will maintain these prices as long as sales continue.

Take care and enjoy your weekend!