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I posted a tweet today about it and thought later, this is often given lip service but is there real proof of it. Here is the the writing link and pic I posted:



So is it really true?

Well, before I answer that, let’s see what others say…




Clearly, there are many that advocate helping others. In fact, science has proven it benefits us to some degree but does it really help us in our goals?

Sadly, I cannot personally say I have witnessed this. Daily, I give others smiles, I take the time, when possible, to answer questions and listen to others, I give advice when asked for and in general do the right and meaningful things, most people won’t bother spending the time on. I even go out of my way to help others and most every time, I get burned for doing so. Science also explains this: For every action, there is an equal and OPPOSITE reaction. I just hope that some day the universal law of karma kicks in. What comes around, goes around. It won’t stop me from helping if it don’t, but someday it may impede my ability to help others.

Has “No good deed goes unpunished” become the motto of this world? Most of the time it seems so. Will people learn to see the big picture and look outside of themselves? I’ll answer that question with another. Have we really evolved as a species over the last hundred years? Our weapons are better but it seems we still lack the wisdom to avoid using them.

Truthfully, I think this sentiment has faded to obscurity and it speaks loudly where we are going as humans. We seem to have lost our humanity. We are like the guy in the story. We cannot see past our own lives.

But I will never give up this notion, no matter how many people want to try and prove me wrong, for doing so. In the end, I want to leave this planet KNOWING I did more than just talking about doing good.  The big question is, do you?