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I have noted a huge rise over the course of this last month, of people lying about purchasing my books. I get that Shadow Shifters 2 was just released but there is no reason for this crap. This does nobody any good. In fact, it creates more work for me as I am forced to clean up the stupidity.

I can see someone wanting help the author out but this is simply not the way. For God’s sake, just go buy the damn book. Is $3.00 gonna kill you? To buy a book in a genre you love? A book that has mostly 5-star reviews?

Well, if it is, I would rather you not say a damn thing, than lie to me and my followers about buying it. It really does no good for me or you. I have to delete the fucking RTs. I have to remove you as a someone I follow and ultimately, I have to apologize for your stupid shit!

Posting that others are reading a book has never gained me a single sale. Doubtful my RT’ing has gained you any followers. You did not help anyone with the lies. In fact, you made it where I have no choice but to remove you from my followers. You did no one any favors and have guaranteed that when I am famous, you can never speak to me. Does this seem like a very wise thing to do?

If you can’t afford to spend a little money on a book of your genre, then you should probably not be following the author who writes it. Readers who do not read are useless to themselves and others.

I am sorry for any misinformation these stupid jerks have given and have removed them and the RTs. If I would have been checking my Amazon account daily, I would have noticed earlier. My apologies!

Please do not do this to any authors you follow. It just creates more work for them. If you really wish to support the author, buy their books, and review them on Amazon or at least some public site. Not only will you save, both you and them time, you might actually gain some new followers from this action.

It should be noted, I realize people lie and that it is a part of life, but this is no way for an author with integrity to present themselves.

Until I type next…take care and have an amazing day!