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When people first come to Twitter, they soon discover that it is not as easy as they initially thought. It is not that there is really anything daunting to learning the site, so much as the fact that Twitter smacks you with your own unimportance, right from the get go. It lets you know point blank your pretty smile or sexy bod just are not enough to get you the followers. That is because Twitter was not made for showing off your appearance…it was made for showing off your mind.

Now I am not saying you have to be a genius to figure it out. I am saying you have use your gray matter a little and find out exactly where you do fit in. When you have done this, you will gain the followers. Here are the things you should do immediately, if you wish to gain more followers.

  1. Get rid of the egg. Put up a profile pic of some sort. People with eggs for pics are viewed as spammers, scammers, and temporary. If you want people to follow you, let them see you are real.
  2. Look for people with the same interests. People want to communicate with others that share the same interests. Put your interests on your profile and search for others with the same interests as you. The search button is always present at the top of your screen.
  3. Learn to share! This means Retweeting. When you just favorite posts you are only acknowledging that you read it. You must make yourself an asset. You do this by sharing their posts. If you do this, you will never lose a follower. You can’t build if you don’t retain.
  4. Stay active! You should try to post at least one thing everyday. Everyone wants active followers! If you are lazy in this, you will soon find yourself bleeding followers.
  5. Lastly, when you post, make sure to post something that relates to those interests of yours. This is why they followed you in the first place!

If you follow these basic guidelines you will have more fun and followers on Twitter. It is not that hard. It is simply a matter of being yourself and making yourself indispensable to others.

I hope this mini guide is helpful to Twitter new comers or those that just have not figured it out yet. There are more in-depth secrets to Twitter growth but those I shall save for another day. What is written here should be enough for most anyone to step into Twitter and get going in the right direction. Thanks for reading and have a great one!