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Since the sale ended today on my newly released book, and the paperback was published today, I thought it best to update the My Books section.

I have not done so in awhile, and decided while doing it, I would add some nice new graphics while dusting it off. I changed the layout of all three pages, to make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for. Now the books are listed in order of release and by type(format) rather than vender.

I also added a few new books to my WIP section. I won’t put anything into this section until I have at least a full outline done on the book. I’m happy to announce that a vampire book is in the works. I did not want to delve into this overly-popular monster, until I knew I could create something totally different, than what has been done before. Well, now I have and I know you are gonna love it!

I also posted new direct links for all books and all stores that have my books worldwide. I hope this helps those who are from another country but can read English. So go check out the “my books” section and let me know what you think!

Until I type once more…