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When I began writing the Shadow Shifters series, I thought I was lucky to have two beta readers and perhaps this is true. However, recent events have shown me why I need to leave self publishing. Perhaps it is this fact alone that has led to what I feel are inferior reviews. Sure both beta readers did reviews, however, where and how they were done has fallen short over the reviews they did on the first Shadow Shifters book. Perhaps they resented my going to a literary agent or publishing company but I really was left with little choice. One of them told me point blank they were not interested in reading The God Killer and the other was partly to blame for the delay in release of Shadow Shifters 2.

Perhaps displaying the reviews individually will help clarify the issue.

This first review is from Julie.-

Shadow Shifters Book 2 The Light Of Noon By J.B. Thomas
Back to the warehouse where the group is researching the powers….
Loved hearing what color witches do what spells and about their powers.
Calibrated devices are having some strange results…memory extraction techniques sound so intense as there are many aspects to it.
Whether the procedure will work is another story….different rules for different dimensions… can the species work together or is the world doomed as we know it?
Things really heat up and they must escalate to the next level-getting the government involved=can this possibly even work?
Fast paced action found listening to this a better experience but reread the print version to get an even closer look at the fine points.
Felt like I got a better handle on what was happening in this series and can’t wait to read the next one.
book 3 should be another super read!

This review while giving me 5 stars is chaotic, confusing, and towards the end is misleading. It makes readers think the series is confusing when it is not. This book was aimed at teens and has been read by them with no issues. Even someone who did not speak English as their native language, had no problem reading and understanding it. I realize this is not Julie’s favorite genre’ but your lack of knowledge of the subject should not be stated, since anyone reading this book DOES know and understand said genre. I appreciate the fact that she tried but this review has done nothing but guarantee that readers won’t buy the books.

The next review is from Anna and was hidden on her personal Facebook page.-

Book 2 of Shadow Shifters by B.J. Thomas is now available on Amazon. Book 2 continues right where book 1 left off and the story continues to hold your attention and stimulate your imigination. There are some great new characters, some of whom are quite endearing. I throughly enjoyed this book and look forward to the next one. Hope everyone will check it out.

Again, the beta reviewer attempted to leave a good review but also failed in doing so. Not only was this review not placed on a public site where everyone could read it, as we agreed when she became a beta reader, it also just makes her look dumb. She types the wrong name(which she did correct with a comment but it should not have happened to begin with), she also misspells a word. I don’t think people want to read a book when they see that the beta reviewer cannot even correct their own mistakes. It makes them wonder how good she did read the book and how many errors were missed.

The reviews for Shadow Shifters book 1, while not selling a lot of books, did manage to sell some. These reviews…not so much.

I am sorry that they both felt reviewing my book well was not a priority. That gaining sales was unimportant. That keeping my writing career was unimportant. I guess it was more important that they lash out at me for having to move to a traditional publishing format. What neither of them realized is that the book review is just as important as the book reading. Customers buy books based on reviews. While this may not be the best decision on their part, it still is the reality.

I want to state for the record, that my decision to leave self publishing had nothing to do with fans, beta readers or sales. It was simply a matter of time. The delay in my last book proved to me that something needed to change; it was apparent.

I hope interested fans, followers, readers, subs, etc. just take a moment to read inside the books or read the chapters here, to see what they are missing and decide for themselves. I realize reviews are the yardstick with which people measure, however, it should be noted that many authors out there are paying people for reviews and if this is the only way you are determining what books you purchase, then you are setting yourself up for getting ripped off.

I urge all readers to read some chapters before you buy. You may discover that you get what you pay for. Nothing is ever really free unless it is not worth having.

So, where will I go from here now that my writing career as a self published writer is pretty much gone? I will finish The God Killer and find an agent/publisher for it. Hopefully, they will also be willing to do Shadow Shifters 3. If not, well…I will play it by ear. I won’t give up. I promised Shadow Shifters series readers 3 books and I will deliver them 3 books. No questions about that.

Thank you for reading this article and my books. I apologize to all of my fans and followers for the lack of clear reviews this time. It was never my intention for this to happen. Forgive me…

Correction- The second beta reader finally did post a a review on my Facebook page. Here is the link- https://www.facebook.com/authorjbthomas/posts/427674384090657

The apology remains. These reviews should have been delivered to the fans earlier and more accurately. Have an amazing day all!