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If you have not read Chapter 1, it is here. This will be the last chapter I post. Please keep in mind these are rough drafts. If you want to read more, you’ll just have to wait for the book. Plenty of surprises await. Enjoy!

Chapter 2

“God Needs You”. Those were the first three words the angel spoke to me. It was all she needed to say. I was in. I was completely down with that. But I was a child and curious. Is there a child who is not? I asked even though I did not need to know. “What does God need of me?” The angel seemed slightly taken aback that I would even ask but did not hesitate to answer me. “God needs warriors. He needs people who will fight for God’s words and laws.” I was eight. I had an angel floating before me. I had a God asking for my help. Of course, I said Yes. There was nothing else I could say. Maybe an adult with a lack of faith could say no. I was neither of those.

The angel, after hearing my answer, reached forward and touched my head, while saying “ In God’s name, I give thee the title of soldier of God and grant thee the power of enhanced senses. This shall give you the ability to sense everything to a greater degree, and you will from this day forth, hear the words of God within your mind. Thus you shall know thy God’s will and be able to execute it with haste” As she finished speaking a rush of power filled my body and I looked upon the world with new eyes. I saw every detail, no matter how small. I could smell every smell within my room…even the cookies I ate two weeks ago. I could hear the quite snores coming from my parents room down the hall. I could taste the pollution upon my tongue even though I was inside, away from such things. I could feel the intensity of the angels light, not just upon my flesh, but also deep down to my bones. I could feel it washing me, squirming into every crack and crevice within. Making right what was wrong or flawed.

Lastly, I heard God’s voice for the first time. It was not loud and booming as one would expect. I was soft, smooth, and soothing. Like a gentle doctor helping his patient understand the nature of their illness. But you could tell this voice had power if needed. There was a slight edge of authority within the words. Those words, the first words I heard God speak to me, were. “Get rest now Zachariah. For the future brings much toil.” I did as I was told. I climbed back into bed. I looked back and the angel was gone. I laid down and feel asleep. I did not dream that night. In fact, I never dreamt again.

I have thought why this is so but never thought it important enough to ask God. I could already guess at why it might be so and that was enough for me. God wanted me to focus on the tasks at hand and thus threw away that which might distract. I got it. Sure I missed what little I could remember of dreams but not enough to concern myself over it. Why bother when you were already serving the greatest purpose one could ask for?

Zachariah withdrew his hand and pondered what to write next. He decided it would be prudent, for the moment, to move on down the road. He shoved writing utensils back into the backpack as he ‘rose to move out. He knew which direction he was going. That was easy. He was following the sun. It was moving west and so was he.

When he arrived at the edge of the woods, by the next road, he planned on walking. He stopped and waited. He knew instinctually that timing was so important. The wrong timing could mean complications. It could mean unnecessary acts. It could mean the end of the journey. Best to be patient and wait. Best to be certain rather than guessing. He could see no cars on the road but he’d also not heard the internal sound. His built-in internal alarm system hadn’t given him the go ahead. He waited for it. A car passed he’d not seen and a few seconds later he heard the sound. He stepped out from the woods and onto the road. Once more he began his search. He knew he did not have to worry. A sinner, God wanted removed, seemed to be around every corner. Yes, his God kept him busy.

Until I type once more…take care!