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The brief version…for the fans. Hmmm, that does sound a little vague, perhaps a little explanation is in order.

Ssems the best way to do this is to explain what has happened and is still happening with Shadow Shifters 2.

Of course, most know the book was delayed in it’s writing stage by me. Five moves, one lost puppy, and ten teeth removed, delayed my being able to type it. What most do not know are the behind the scenes stuff that also is required to produce any decent self-published book. It is these things, that are totally beyond the author’s control, that can lead to even more delays.

A book needs to be edited. This editing has to be done by someone other than the author. Perferably this should be done by someone with editing or at minimal, proofreading experience. The person I have doing this has this experience however, they can only edit books as time allows. If you are a self-published author, then you are the bottom of the totem pole and they only way to move up that pole, is to make more sales and pay more for an editor, who will make you a priority. Currently, that is not possible for me.

Every book needs a cover and while I can do a decent job myself with my background in graphics, the books have a chance of a better cover, if I find an artist interested in doing it for publicity. One cannot pay for an artist if they do not make enough sales to warrant such actions. Book covers typically cost around $200-$500. So that takes extra time to find the artist who wants the exposure.

Every decent book requires beta readers. These readers mean more eyes on the book and less likelihood of errors slipping through. If these beta readers are busy the process takes longer or you have to go searching for new ones. Problem is, the only thing you can offer them and still keep it honest, is a copy of the book. Anything more and you cross a line I refuse to cross. Finding even one beta reader is hard, finding two, like I have is nearly impossible, especially when you want them to have it read in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, it seems SS2 will be delayed even further by this aspect, because I was unable to find a 3rd backup beta reader. Not pointing fingers, just saying beta readers are important and hard to find.

ARC readers can be of value if you desire to have more reviews at launch, however, they are not required. I am not going to attempt to let them read SS2. It has been delayed long enough and I still have no idea when my 2nd beta reader will be done with it. I think it serves the fans better at this point, to get the book out.

Then finally the book is converted to the proper formats and released on platforms( Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.). This is something I do, and is by far the easiest part of the process, but still takes some time.

All of these things have to be done in order to put out a reasonably acceptable book and all of them cost time and money in someway. All of these things can hold up the release of the book, and all of them take time away from writing, and that is not even including the social marketing aspect of the books. Of course, Amazon removing reviews made by anyone socially linked to you, does not help this situation either.

Most of my readers know I am no spring chicken. I am aged and not like a fine wine. I  did not become better health-wise, with age. Thus, getting the books out to my readers, as quick as possible, is not only good for the fans, it is good for me too.

Sadly, I have discovered in looking for a publisher for my current WIP, that the new Kindle Scout program will not accept horror books. I will have to keep searching for a publisher, for the controversial and most wanted book, by my fans, The God Killer.

I suspect after reading all of this though, my fans can understand why I must move away from self publishing. Not only is it better for them, it is better for me, and ultimately, better for the books.