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We walk down this road. Some may run, others amble. While I won’t condemn or condone either method, I will state that being in too much of a hurry, is akin to riding the train and not looking out the window.

But the speed at which you go, is not as important as what you find along the way. It is the longest road you will ever walk. There are many obstacles and surprises along the way. Each must be savored for what it is. Sometimes this is hard to do. For certainly, one can enjoy the surprises, they are fun, interesting, and most importantly…exciting!

However, enjoying the obstacles is a tad bit harder to do. They require from us strength of will and a different perspective. Through this different viewpoint, we come to see them for what they really are. The are not just tests or a waste of time. They are the things that come to define who we really are. If we rise up above them and overcome them, we become stronger. If we do not, we find failure in ourselves and then look negatively upon each new obstacle. Doing this only leads to more failure and disappointment. Thus there is no room in our life for the things we deserve, because we do not believe we deserve them.

But there is always a way past, over, or through them. It has always been there for us, but we did not see it because we failed to see the obstacle, for what it really is. We did not see how it would benefit us; how it would improve not only who we are, but who we become. We did not see the other side of it and that is where we want to be. On the other side, better, faster, stronger, and prepared for the next obstacle or surprise. But how do we see things differently?

You are not expected to. You are expected to realize that you need a different perspective. Hence when you find this out, you look for that different perspective in others. No two eyes see the same way, not completely, not congruently. That is one of the most amazing and powerful traits of the human existence.

When we learn to use this, we can leverage the power we need from others. Then there is no obstacle, no roadblock, no problem that cannot be turned around for our benefit. The road gets easier to navigate once we have the vision of others at our disposal. In fact, once we have this power and perspective, we no longer walk down this road. We fly!

Find your wings, my friends. Only angels can make a difference!