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Sunday was the last day of my Benzo(Diazepam) tapering. As of Monday, I no longer take this drug. However, the symptoms have not disappeared just yet. In fact, I nearly passed out yesterday and my wife had to help me to the bedroom.

The withdrawals are not gone yet, but hopefully very soon. As soon as they dissipate I shall resume work on The God Killer. A reminder, Shadow Shifters 2 will be the last self published book I make. Either I will find a publisher or retire from writing.

It is funny to think about retiring, especially when my wife told me Shadow Shifters is comparable to Harry Potter. I personally have never read them, but knowing the audience was surprised by this. She even said I was as good as Stephen King. I am not sure if she said it because it is true or if she just wants me to keep writing.

I told her, as I now am telling you. If your work is not being read, then you lose inspiration. Hard to write without it. Hopefully I will find a publisher for The God Killer, because I am so tired of the extra work involved in self publishing, and no rewards for it. Only time consumed that could be better spent writing.

As soon as I can safely get back to writing I will. I will make one more leap of faith and hope for the best. In advance, I want to thank every loyal follower and fan. You have been the rock on which I lean.

Take care all!