You think you can hide behind your lies and manipulations. You think the truth is not out there to find. You think no one can find your true intentions. You think your accomplishments serve to to prove your nature. You are are right! Your actions do speak loudly and show all of your nature.

You built up your world of towers. You bask in your castles of money and power. You hide from the world what you destroyed to create. You do not seem to realize true creation does not come with destruction. It comes with humility.

You invite others to share, in the mutual hatred you have for this world, and all things that you don’t understand. You want others to save you from all that you have tried to erase for your mind. The loneliness you have created for yourself; in your desire to spread your self destructive nature to others. But, who would want such?

You consider yourselves civilized yet do all manner of evil things to each other. You pillage, you rape, you kill all that stands before you. Your wars over land and resources, destroy more land and resources. With such blind ambition, what have you to offer another?

When did humans became monsters, I know not. I only know when we do come to your planet, we will not come to with open arms. We will come to rid your planet of the plaque called humanity.