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Don’t get me wrong. I am sure there are other states with these problems. However, I seen nothing good come from this state’s government since I moved to Texas in 1983. Of course, having to move here because my parents did, in no way garnered any favor either. I might have grown to like this state, if the laws that were passed, ever helped out the poor in the least.

They denied the Obama care money, so that the poor of Texas could not get healthcare, and now, as if that was not enough. Now they make sure that anyone who has an illness, has to suffer, while filling up the jail with people who try to find relief. This causes burden on every tax payer in the state.

What I am referring to is marijuana. How come this is not legal when most of the 26+ million Texans have no problem with it? Because one single man, decided not to allow it to be voted on. That is right. One single motherfucking Republican, can tell that many people what is good for them, and what is good for our wallets. That is the way it has been since I have been here. This state is so ignorant. How else do we continue to let politics like this exist? There is no reasonable answer.

Here is a link to an article about it-


If you are tired of BS politics in Texas, stop voting in politicians who only care about the wealthy. Go tell this republican, what you think of him deciding for the entire state, what is right for us.-http://www.house.state.tx.us/members/member-page/?district=32 (There is link in the article if you would rather go there). While there, read the comments.

I wish I could say I was proud to be a Texan but unfornately I cannot say that. I thought Texans were supposed to be tough, yet all I can see is a bunch of lazy, ignorant, beer drinking alcoholics, who cannot stand up for themselves. Your politicians are making you look like a bunch of stupid little bitches. Get up off your ass and fight this BS, before the entire nation finally decides that Texas really can be messed with, because it is too lame to fight back.

Keep it up Texas, and the nation really will think there is nothing in Texas but steers and Q…..