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That this author does not try and listen to his followers. I posted this article hoping people would realize, what they were missing in the Shadow Shifter series-


I posted it multiple times and even went so far as to rant on Twitter. Although the rant was not entirely about the series, it was mentioned. The book never got below 98,000 on the Amazon best sellers list and the best it did in its category was 235. You would think with Book number 2 nearly done, and the good book reviews, it would have done better. I pushed, not just for the fans of this series, but also for the concept of originality in writing. The fans were not having it. Not even at 99 cents.

Thus when Shadow Shifters 2 is released, I shall redirect my focus on the book everyone seems to want…The God Killer. This means that Shadow Shifters 3 will have to wait until The God Killer is written and I find a literary agent for it. This was what the people wanted and this is what they shall get. Let it not be said I don’t listen to my fans and followers. I do.

Thx for reading and have an incredible day!