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Well, I know I do. I spent 3 yrs. researching monsters, a specific type of monster. A monster not known to the general public. Then I spent another year honing a complete mythology and story of them.

Why did I do this? Because I love horror novels. I grew up reading Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Dean Koontz, Robert McCammon, F.Paul Wilson and many more horror authors.Too many to name or even remember.

Now I see nothing but cookie cutter vampire, werewolves, zombies, etc. all the same horror monsters that have been around since the genre began. I wanted to change that. I wanted to create something new, different, exciting, and refereshing, and that is exactly what I did in Shadow Shifters.

But after a year of trying to convince people to give something new a chance, I am beginning to see it might have been a bad idea. You see, I thought, I had sought out people who were not sheeple. I thought I had followed people who were intelligent, open minded, and who could think for themselves. I shared my time with them. Trying to motivate, inspire, educate, and last, but not least, give them hope and smiles. I thought that by being giving and kind, they would in turn do them same, for the genre they claimed to love. I thought they would discover that this book marked a huge change in the genre. It opened up a new kind of terror for others to experience. It brought a new era to the horror genre. An era where originality, depth, and hard work meant something.

But what I have seen is that I was wrong. I am not an ignorant man, nor am I dumb. When all the evidence pointed to people not wanting anything new, cool, and different, I refused to believe, that horror readers would be these kind of people. Are not people who read horror supposed to be adventurous? Aren’t they supposed to be the kind of people who want to explore new things? Yet, I still cling to this idiotic belief. The belief that horror fans, would be the most receptive, to this type of book.

I did not think that horror readers would let big publishers tell them what they should read. I did not think that horror fans would let Hollywood decide what movies they can watch. I did not think they would just abandon their own minds. Because a horror fan is brave and courageous. Not afraid to show these big companies what they really want.

Thus I must conclude, based upon the sales of my book, that I was totally and completely wrong. I never like to be wrong and I never like to give up or give in.

With that in mind, I am going to put my book Shadow Shifters on sale one last time. That is it! 99 cents until I finish editing and rewriting Shadow Shifters 2. Yes, I have received it back from my editor, and I will do my part. I believe in this genre and won’t give up just yet on this series, until you show me, that I must move on. That is easy, just don’t go spend the measly 99 cents. If the first book does not climb to number one on the charts, then I will know that my fans and followers, are not prepared or willing to support, any new ideas in horror. I will know, I was fool for thinking, they would support hard work, new ideas, inspiration, and the time I have spent on them, and this series.

If that happens, I will have no choice but to move on to what the people want. Cookie cutter, same ole’, same ole’ crap. I am far too old, to waste time on a series, nobody is interested in. I am far too smart to keep believing in something that nobody seems to want.

Read this and then decide if it is worth your 99 cents.


If you decide it is, go buy it, read it, review it, and show me, I have not wasted my time. If not, so be it.

I really hate to do this. I hate giving Amazon all the money for my work and ideas. I hate having to give up on something I know is awesome. But I also hate wasting, what time I have left, on something nobody wants to even consider. I hate my wife having to work 7 days a week, during the last years of my life, because horror fans don’t seem to want something new. But I have come to the point, where I have to decide which is more important, selling books so I can see my wife more before a I die, or keep believing in a series nobody seems to want. I think anyone in my shoes would make the same choice.

So now the fate of the Shadow Shifters series is in your hands? Are you the courageous, open minded, adventurous, horror fans I thought you were? Or was I completely wrong, in thinking horror fans would be receptive, to something new?

With the 99 cent cost of the book, I will know for sure. It is up to you to show me what you want.